Morning Links: Gay Marriages on Hold in California; Tapes and Photos of 9/11 Plotter Emerge


• An appeals court put same-sex marriages on hold in California yesterday, ruling that “Proposition 8 could remain in effect while it considers the case.” Oral arguments will be held the week of December 6, which means that a decision will probably not be made until sometime next year. [WP, CNN]

• The CIA has discovered tapes of 9/11 plotter Ramzi Binalshibh being interrogated in a secret overseas prison. Found under a desk in 2007, they may provide evidence to support or refute defense lawyers’ claims that Binalshibh’s years in CIA custody made him mentally unstable. [NPR]

• Photos of Binalshibh — “seemingly healthy and happy” — have also surfaced. [NBC NY]

• The UN warns that Pakistan is not getting enough aid to ward off a larger-scale disaster after flooding. The World Bank has pledged $900 million in emergency funding. [NYT]

• 130 people survived a Colombian plane crash that completely cut the plane in two yesterday. One person died, possibly of a heart attack. [NYP]

• Michelle Obama will go partisan and campaign for Democratic candidates this fall. [LAT]

• The U.S. may ease rules for travel to Cuba. [NYT]

• The proposed Islamic center at Ground Zero has a Twitter account. [Curbed]