Morning Links


State Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV is gearing up to challenge Charlie Rangel for the Harlem seat Rangel took away from his dad, Adam Clayton Powell, in the 1970 primaries. Rangel recently stepped aside from the Chair of the Ways and Means Committee over ethics issues. Powell claims his recent misdemeanor DWI conviction was based on perjury by cop.

Retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens had a VIP room named after him by the Scores strip club after Stevens granted a stay to slow down Rudy Giuliani’s war on “adult” businesses while the owners battled it out in court. Giuliani eventually won.

A fugitive who turned himself in after being on the run from federal extortion charges since 1975 has been working as a nanny in Brooklyn.

According to the News, celebrity parasite Kitty Kelley’s new book says that a pre-Oprah Oprah had a thing with a pre-ET John Tesh. I have no idea what to make of that.