New Amsterdam Market’s Next: Six Artisanal Ice Cream Cones and, Um, Tomatoes


True ice cream freaks know there’s no such thing as too much: They love to pore over that glassed-in case. They are cursed by ice cream scoopers everywhere, who loathe their tendency to ask for “just one more taste” before settling.

Their moment in the sun will arrive on August 22 at the New Amsterdam Market’s first Ice Cream Fair.

One $20 bill will procure them “six miniature ice cream cones with the flavor of your choice” out of a dozen options from some of New York and Philadelphia’s crème de la crème. The names alone — the Bent Spoon, Van Leeuwen, Marlow & Daughters, MilkMade, Roberta’s, Early Bird Cookery — are enough to send one into a supremely anticipatory state. MilkMade in particular just earned a shout-out in the Times as “maybe the country’s most expensive ice cream” — $50 for three pints.

Somewhat bizarrely, NAM has decided to also host a “tomato tasting” on this day, with “a dazzling array of dead ripe tomatoes.” So if you want to put your palate through the wringer, eat one cone, then a tomato, then another cone, then another tomato, and be sure to report back as to how the hell that shakes out. Tastings of both events costs $35.