New Drug Named “Smiles” Is Linked To Teen Deaths


The kid was reportedly “shaking, growling, and foaming at the mouth.”

That led to him smashing his head against the ground.

Two hours later, he was dead.

No, it’s not a scene from American Horror Story.

It was a real-life occurrence in Grand Forks, North Dakota–and if you love irony, the drug the guy was on is called “Smiles”!

That’s the street term for 2C-1, the latest hallucinogen that’s sweeping the nation, as bath salts take a back burner, as it were.

In some cases, “Smiles” is a sensory assault that seems to make things psychedelic and pseudo-profound, until the images get really ugly and horrifying–sort of like the last Oliver Stone film.

I hate to become a hectoring mix of Nancy Reagan and the narrator of Reefer Madness, but I’d recommend staying away from this.

Even if you like that sort of thing.