New Jersey Shooting Update: Suspect An Ex-Marine; Killed Two Before Turning Gun On Self


The suspect in this morning’s mass-shooting at a New Jersey grocery store has been identified as an ex-Marine who’s worked at the store for the last two weeks. Additionally, authorities say he shot two people before turning the gun on himself.

Authorities say the suspect entered the Pathmark store in Old Bridge about 4 a.m. — as employees were preparing to open the store at 6 a.m. — decked out in camouflage and carrying an AK-47 and an automatic handgun. He reportedly also was wearing body armor.

The suspect fired at least 16 shots, killing two people — a man and a woman — in different parts of the store. The women reportedly was only 18 years old.

The gunman then turned the gun on himself.

It’s unclear if anyone else was injured in the shooting.

No shots were fired police, who arrived on the scene after the gunman had taken his own life. Surviving witnesses were taken from the store to a nearby TGI Fridays, WABC reports.

The shooting comes a week to the day after the national media salivated over a “mass shooting” at the Empire State Building. That “mass-shooting,” as we noted earlier, wouldn’t have been “mass” at all if the cops didn’t shoot nine of the 10 victims — it turned out to be just one disgruntled ex-employee attacking a former co-worker, not the Aurora-esque killing spree the media had initially billed it as.

The story is still unraveling, so check back for updates (read: check back for gun-bully Mike Bloomberg’s reaction to the latest mass-shooting that didn’t involve NYPD officers shooting nine people).