Nicole Kidman: “I Was Madly, Passionately In Love With Tom”


The Oscar winner talks to Dujour magazine about her life and loves.

“I was totally smitten,” she says about her ex, Tom Cruise, whom she married at 23.

“I fell madly, passionately in love.

“I was reeling with Tom. I would have gone to the ends of the earth for him.”

But looking back on it now, Nicole adds, “I was so impulsive and naïve.”

“We were in a bubble,” she later adds, “just the two of us. We became very dependent on one another.”

As for Eyes Wide Shut, the Stanley Kubrick epic they made together:

“I know critics think the movie is dark, but I think there is hope.

“Stanley was emphasizing the importance of loyalty and commitment in a marriage, that marriage is a relationship that has to transcend sexuality.”

And now?

Nicole loves Keith Urban, whom she met while filming Fur:

“My life changed,” she said.

“He is a wonderful, caring man and he makes me feel secure. We don’t ever like to be separated.”

Oh, one more thing:

Nicole was raised Catholic and still lives by the Ten Commandments.

Fun stuff.

But I am simply relating all this rather than comment on it for a change because I need you to fill in the asides.