‘Night of 1,000 Gowns’ Was Blindingly Bodacious


As part of the coronation procession for the Imperial Court of NY’s Night of 1000 Gowns — along with Christian Freedom (above), who styled me in the red and the black — I got to see all the queens up close.

Anne T. Venom.

Bobbie Pinzs.

Wanda Lust.

Vin D. Cation.

Rocky Mountains.

And, of course, the sexy Juan Knightstand.

But mainly I spent the night gawking at the new emperor and empress, Vanity Society and Pepperica Swirl in all their fancy finery.

Those two (pictured below) brought the whole thing to a loony, zingy, spooky, culty, high-art level full of spikes and horns and swatches and textures and veils.

The result was very Where The Wild Things Are meets Mary Poppins, and they looked so brilliant I don’t even care what their real names are.

Or even what their titles mean!

Long may they rain sequins and spangles!

Photos by Linda Simpson (Lindasimpson.org)