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Nugenix Total T Reviews 2021: Can This T-Booster Turn Back Time?


Nugenix Total T is one of the many endogenous hormone boosting supplements that Nugenix offers. They have an elaborate range, to be honest.

There’s one called Nugenix Free Testosterone booster. There’s another called Nugenix Ultimate. Oh wait, there’s Nugenix Total T Maxx too.

Whew! The question is, which one of these testosterone supplements will you choose to naturally and safely boost your testosterone levels?

I mean, how on earth does a customer land on the Nugenix website and pick a testosterone booster without ripping their hair out in confusion?

That’s one of the minor quibbles that we have with this brand, that’s hyped all over the internet as the be-all, end-all of safe hormone stimulation. But that’s not the only problem. The bigger one is that Nugenix Total T testosterone booster is clearly not as effective as Nugenix would want us to believe.

Today, we are going to do some myth busting. While we are at it, we are also going to offer you some testosterone supplements that offer a much better bang for your buck.

What is Nugenix Total T?

Nugenix Total T is a natural testosterone boosting supplement from Nugenix. It’s actually one of the many supplements that Nugenix claims will help boost different aspects of your hormonal profile.

The Total T in the name implies that this is a supplement for increasing your total testosterone levels as opposed to Free Testosterone.

If you log on to the Nugenix website, you will see claims like no fillers, no watered down ingredients, just complete transparency.

Just before this, Nugenix also claims that Total T will improve your workouts, spice up your sexual life with passion and libido. Interesting!

Our problems with Nugenix Total T begin with this. We will get to this when we discuss the benefits and drawbacks.

What are the Nugenix Total T Ingredients?

Nugenix claims that Total T has enough effective ingredients to help amplify your serum testosterone levels. But a closer look at that ingredient list reveals otherwise.

Vitamin B6 & B12

These two B-Vitamins definitely play a critical role in metabolism, mood, energy levels and possibly, even cognitive benefits. But they have limited influence on testosterone stimulation. There’s one study that says that B6 might affect the recycling of testosterone receptors. But that’s the only study that connects it to testosterone. Even that is an animal model study that does not direct influence your testosterone levels.


Zinc is a bona fide testosterone booster, in people who are deficient in this mineral. But, the RDA of Zinc in adult men is 11 mg. The upper tolerable limit is 40 mg. There are many testosterone boosters that contain Zinc.

But the concentration is at least 20-25 mg. Nugenix Total T has 1 mg. You heard that right. How on earth is that going to have any effect on your T levels?

L Citrulline Malate

L Citrulline is one of our favorite amino acids. We frequently use it as part of our pre-workout drink because it helps increase blood flow to lean muscle, thereby producing crazy pumps. When we add it with some beet juice, the results are pretty intense.

Blood flow to muscle tissue generally indicates that the amino acid has some benefits for erectile dysfunction. But that’s the maximum extent to which L-Citrulline helps with testosterone levels.

Fenugreek Extract – TestoFen

Testofen is a concentrated Fenugreek extract that’s supported by one double blind clinical study to boost total testosterone and free testosterone levels in aging men.

But as always, we tend to be skeptical about patented extracts of simple herbs. If you are looking to boost test with Fenugreek, you don’t need a specialized extract. But giving it the benefit of doubt, this is the only ingredient in Nugenix Total T that might actually provide some benefits.

It can either be erectile dysfunction, a slight increase in energy levels, or even some lean muscle mass.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali or TA is another ingredient with proven test boosting capabilities. It is very effective at increasing strength and energy levels, which will help you with athletic performance. TA can also help increase your total testosterone, as well as free testosterone.

But, all the studies that show how Tongkat Ali can help your body produce more testosterone, contained 400 mg of TA. Nugenix Total T contains just 100 mg. So, it’s clearly not sufficient to produce the health benefits that it claims to offer.

ElevATP Blend

ElevATP is a specialized blend of ancient peat extract with Apple fruit extract, that is claimed to help increase ATP production, which can help adult males produce more energy, and hence, improve athletic performance.

Our opinion about this is the same as what it is about any specialized concentrate or blend. We are skeptical about it. Even if it does work, it has no significance because you are looking to boost testosterone, not ATP levels. ATP has zero significance to testosterone boosting.


The final ingredient is a powerful one. Boron is one of the trace minerals that have strong effects on testosterone levels. Boron supplementation at 6 grams a day has shown to increase free testosterone by almost 25%.

But the effective dose for a sustained increase in testosterone levels with Boron supplementation will be around 12 grams. Nugenix Total T has 10 grams. So it’s pretty close to the upper dose. That said, Boron does not stimulate the release of testosterone. It reduces SHBG levels, which should ideally increase free testosterone.

Not everybody experiences the same benefits from Boron and similar trace minerals.

Nugenix Total T Pros and Cons

Having closely researched natural testosterone boosters, we feel that Nugenix Total T doesn’t match up to the best testosterone boosters in the market. It’s not the early 2000s anymore when you could throw in a bunch of random ingredients and paste a fancy label on it.

There’s a lot more awareness about testosterone boosters now. People know what ingredients work to help improve sexual health and muscle mass. That said, Nugenix Total T isn’t entirely junk either. It does offer some pros.


  1. Decent enough concentration of Fenugreek and Boron, which should have a mild effect on energy levels, improve erectile dysfunction and possibly, even bump up T levels for someone who has low testosterone.
  2. There are ingredients that can help produce better blood flow to the muscle tissue, which can, in turn, improve your sexual function by improving the quality of erections.


  1. Not the ideal testosterone boosting formula as compared to similar testosterone boosters. There are just two proven testosterone boosters in that ingredient list. The rest are just fancy additions, like apple fruit extract and B-Vitamins, which will provide secondary benefits, but not increase your testosterone levels.
  2. Too overpriced for what it offers. Nugenix Total T is at best a fenugreek and Boron supplement that’s priced at $69/bottle. You don’t need to spend $69 to get a Fenugreek supplement that might have very little effect on your testosterone levels.
  3. Too much smoke in the claims. Nugenix claims that this mediocre testosterone booster formula can offer all the health benefits associated with increased testosterone. That’s just shady marketing tactics.

Nugenix Total T FAQ

We are pretty sure that you have a whole bunch of unanswered questions about Nugenix Total T. That’s why we have compiled this FAQ that answers most of these questions.

Does Nugenix Total T work?

It might. But it will not increase your testosterone levels enough to produce some of the amazing benefits associated with increased testosterone. So, you might not even notice a huge change in your sexual health or athletic performance.

In other words, it will be a very watered down version of a real testosterone booster.

How long does Nugenix Total T take to work?

At those concentrations and just two ingredients, it might take months to produce even mild positive effects. For instance, if you are looking to use Nugenix Total T to improve your sex life, it might be 6-8 months of regular usage before you notice the benefits.

Nugenix Total T Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

The real reviews about Nugenix Total T are as expected. Most customers have called it a scam and overpriced.

Is Nugenix Total T safe?

There’s nothing glaring in that ingredient list. So it would be fair to assume that it’s safe. But we are not too sure about the safety of the patented ingredients and special concentrates. Those might trigger allergies.

Nugenix Testosterone Boosters and Popular Alternatives

To sum it up, we don’t think that Nugenix Total T is worth your money or time if you are looking to increase your endogenous testosterone levels. Especially, for athletes who seek improved athletic performance and middle aged men who want a better sex life.

There are much better testosterone boosters out there, with more potent ingredients that have proven results. We have two such options for you.

#1. TestoPrime – Best Testosterone Booster for Lean Muscle Mass

TestoPrime is a powerful testosterone booster that was designed as an alternative for natty athletes who wished to improve their flagging testosterone levels, without resorting to a lifetime of TRT injections.

In other words, this testosterone booster was designed from ground up with one sole purpose. For boosting testosterone to levels that are comparable with exogenous hormonal replacement. As a result, it has almost gained popularity as a legal steroid amongst fitness buffs.

TestoPrime will help remedy every single symptom that you currently face, associated with low testosterone. This includes better sex life, promoting weight loss, improving your sex drive, giving your more energy, as well as many secondary benefits such as lowering blood pressure.

Why is TestoPrime a better testosterone booster than Nugenix Total T?

There are so many reasons why TestoPrime is a better choice for those looking to boost testosterone and improve men’s health. But here are some of the primary ones.

TestoPrime is a blend of 11 ingredients

TestoPrime contains 11 natural ingredients like DAA, Fenugreek, KSM 66, Panax Ginsex, Vitamin D & Zinc that are proven to provide testosterone support. Each one of these ingredients helps facilitate the stimulation of test through the Hypothalamus Pituitary Axis. There are some additional ingredients that are geared towards muscle gains.

For instance, there are amino acids that play a critical role in improving protein synthesis or boost energy. But those are not the primary ingredients. Nor have they been harped on the product label as being key ingredients for boosting testosterone.

TestoPrime has better ingredients in strong concentrations

Be it D-Aspartic Acid at 2000 mg or Panax Ginseng at 8000 mg, the ingredients in TestoPrime are in sufficient quantities to boost free testosterone as well as serum T. In comparison, the ingredients in Nugenix Total T do not even have enough placebo controlled studies to back them up with.

Apart from D Aspartic Acid, there’s Vitamin D, which is a powerful fat soluble vitamin that plays such an important role in regulating testosterone levels. It contains Zinc just like Nugenix does. But you get 40 mg of Zinc in TestoPrime.

No Nugenix review talks about the concentration, do they?

TestoPrime will offer all the benefits associated with higher testosterone levels

There’s no distinction here between Serum testosterone and Free Testosterone. TestoPrime increases both of these. It stimulates your pituitary to produce more serum test. Then it reduces the levels of SHBG, which automatically frees up the bound T.

As a result, you will get stronger, have a much better sexual function, will restore your sex life, have great energy levels, will burn fat, and will produce a sufficient quantity of muscle tissue.

TestoPrime Pros & Cons

Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of TestoPrime, which should allow you to make an objective choice.


  1. Powerful test booster for athletes and middle aged men. Offers all the men’s health perks that are generally advertised with TRT.
  2. Increases serum test and free testosterone, which produces both, performance enhancement gains as well as sex drive related ones.
  3. Markedly better ingredient list with proven ingredients like DAA & Vitamin D, which are critical to hormonal balance in men.
  4. Bumps up the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow, which in turn improves oxygenation. Red Blood cells are vital for improving performance, as well as for the immune system.
  5. Thousands of positive reviews are all over the internet.
  6. Comes with a Money Back Guarantee. You will not come across a more potent blend of natural T boosters. Period.


  1. This is one of the most counterfeited dietary supplements in the world. If you can see TestoPrime being offered on Craigslist or eBay for cheap, it’s probably a rip-off.
  2. TestoPrime is mostly sold out and on pre-order. If you want to stock it, you should do it whenever you find a fresh batch on the official website.

TestoPrime vs. Nugenix Total T – Final Verdict

We cannot finish this Nugenix Review without offering our two cents on this topic, can we? Here we go. In all the years that we have been reviewing testosterone boosters, we have never come across a formula that’s as potent and effective as TestoPrime.

It is tailored for recreational lifters and fitness buffs who want to boost exercise performance. All the key ingredients in the formula, be it amino acids or herbs, have scientific evidence that connects them to testosterone boosting.

As if it wasn’t good enough already, it comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Can’t beat that, can you?

#2. Testogen – One of the Best Testosterone Supplements for Sexual Health

Testogen is one of the best dietary supplements for men looking to spice up their sex life. That’s because it delivers on all three fronts that men with poor sex drive typically struggle with.

That does not mean that Testogen does not offer the other benefits associated with strong testosterone boosters. It does. But if we were to recommend you this supplement on the basis of one USP, we’d call it a great choice for poor sexual performance.

Just like TestoPrime, Testogen also features more ingredients in much higher concentrations than what you get with Nugenix Total T testosterone supplement.

Why is Testogen a better testosterone booster than Nugenix Total T?

Testogen has a more superior blend of ingredients which includes the Troika of Test Boosting, as we like to call it.

Each one of these ingredients works great as standalone supplements, provided that the concentration is high enough. But in synergy, they will help you skyrocket your T levels, producing some amazing benefits.

Increased Libido in days

Libido is a catchall phrase thrown around loosely in this industry. The fact that you cannot measure libido, and each one of us has a unique drive, makes it even easier for manufacturers to use this term as a yardstick to make outrageous claims.

But Testogen produces such an intense spike in sexual desire, that almost every customer review mentions this specifically. Also, the libido boost is felt in days, while the other effects generally take more time to manifest.

Picture using Testogen and having an increased urge to make love, multiple times a day.

Powerful Blood Rush to Muscle Tissue

As the levels of your androgenic hormones increase, the production of red blood cells in your bone marrow increases. Also, some of the amino acids in the formula work to improve the flow of blood through your body, by reducing blood pressure.

The combination of these effects produces an intense rush of blood to the penis when you are sexually aroused. If you have been suffering from erectile dysfunction due to the inability to get an erection, or difficulty in maintaining an erection, Testogen is a permanent remedy to these problems.

Get ready for rock hard erections that last forever.

Huge Increase in Strength

Increased drive and the flow of blood will not suffice to boost your performance, will it? That’s where Testogen delivers. The androgen level increase is associated with an anabolic environment in your body.

You are holding more glycogen and retaining nitrogen in muscle tissue. Your metabolism is high enough to produce weight loss. Your muscle protein synthesis is improved too. All of these factors come together and increase strength, stamina, and aggression.

So, the positive effects are not limited to an increase in one aspect of sexual performance. It allows you to make love with more passion.

Testogen Pros & Cons

Testogen is a phenomenal T Boosting supplement. That said, we always recommend that you look at the pros and cons before you decide whether or not to try it. Here’s a look at the pros and cons.


  • 11 Ingredients that work in synergy to increase Total T. There’s DAA, Vitamin D, Boron, Vitamin K1, Zinc & Fenugreek. All of these are proven T boosters.
  • It contains the Troika of T Boosting, which are Vit D, Boron & Zinc. In 99% of low testosterone cases, these three suffice to increase T. But in this case, you also have other powerful ingredients which make it even better.
  • Primarily geared at improved sexual performance in men. But with that strong increase in testosterone levels, will amplify every effect of high testosterone. You will build muscle, burn fat and get stronger.
  • Comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 99% Positive Customer reviews, that too from a wide demographic, including athletes (both men and women), wellness users, and older men.


  1. Contains only 40 mg of Fenugreek. To be honest, the DAA concentration alone makes this more powerful than Nugenix. But we would have liked the Fenugreek numbers to be slightly higher.

Testogen vs. Nugenix Total T – Final Verdict

Testogen all the way! It’s a more powerful blend of ingredients than Nugenix, which has the potential to completely transform the way you feel. Strength, muscle, libido, erections, it’s amazing cocktail that makes testosterone the most sought after therapy in men.

With Testogen, you don’t have to risk your health, nor have to struggle with multiple synthetic drugs. You get all the perks of testosterone from within your own body. Also, the concentrations are high enough to facilitate quicker absorption, which means, that you feel the libido enhancing effects much quicker.

Nugenix Total T is just an overpriced and ineffective choice in comparison. We hope that this helps you separate the hype from fiction and make an informed choice.

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