.NYC to NJ: Get Your Own Damn Dot!


Look out the window right now and you’ll see a giant barge floating up the Hudson River from Red Hook to Riverside. And not just any barge — this one’s been outfitted with a giant banner, draped over a stack of freight containers, that reads: “.NYC Domains at GoDaddy. SHHH — Don’t Tell Jersey.”

It’s promoting the new .nyc internet domain suffix, which is accessible only to residents of the five boroughs. The idea is that dot-nyc domains will bring in revenue and entice local small businesses to build an internet presence.

And apparently, the campaign is aimed at encouraging New York City residents to gloat at our neighbors a mere bridge-and-tunnel away.

Our first thought: What a bargeload of crap! Plus, New Jersey deserves its own domain suffix!

So we set about brainstorming some options. A little research informed us, however, that .cologne, .pizza, .cheap, .sexy, and .fail already exist.

Kidding! (Not about the suffixes — they really are available.)

Then it seemed nothing could quite match the cachet of .nyc, but we kept at it….

.nj – Straightforward (if a little plain).

.newjersey – Accurate — but unpoetic?

.timeforsometrafficproblems – Sometimes the truth can set you free!

.heywhathappenedtothatsandyfunding – A niche suffix, to be sure.

.gardenstate – A no-brainer!

.oilandpetrochemicalrefinerystate – Again, the applications aren’t limitless…but could work for some.

.burbs – Nab this one. A definite yes.

.GTL – Gym, Tan, Laundry — exudes class.

.heyO – We’d go with this. Just sayin’.

.jersey – Can’t go wrong.

.stench or .smell or .scent – OK, that’s mean.

.jerz – You have to admit it has a ring to it.

.shutup – We would totally click on any New Jersey business with this suffix

.boss – FTW!