Oh Hey, Floor Reunion!


South Florida doom outfit Floor released almost nothing in their four or five year run in the mid-nineties; a quick early aughts reformation and the release of Floor (2002) and the lost 1994 LP Dove (which finally came out in 2004) turned many people outside of Florida onto their existence, if not onto all that much of the music they had apparently recorded. Legend had it there were tons of unreleased tapes, but after the band broke up again in 2004 and went on to form the slightly less brutal and equally melodic Torche, it seemed like they’d be shelved forever. Until now, anyway. Robotic Empire is putting out an entirely ridiculous Floor box set in 2010–” Ten 12″ LPs, one 7″ EP, eight CDs and a (roughly) 32-page booklet of writings, photos, lyrics, artwork”; pre-order it here–and to commemorate the occasion, the band is getting back together. Their MySpace offers two April dates, neither of which are anywhere near New York. But that can change, right? In other news, we just remembered what a tremendous song “Scimitar” is. [Floor via Brooklyn Vegan]