Olsen Twin’s Drug Legacy Continues!


The days when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen starred in cutesy flicks like How The West Was Fun are as over as era when Nicole Kidman had an expressive forehead. Nowadays, of course, Mary-Kate shows up on Weeds, playing “Tara, a devoted Christian girl who falls in with a family of drug-dealing suburbanites.” And I just saw a screening of The Wackness, a cool little film about a young drug dealer in love, and while I’m not at liberty to reveal anything substantial about it just yet, let’s just say that Mary-Kate’s brief role might not be completely unrelated to narcotics. Of course, none of this means much since, as we know, it takes three instances of anything to create a real trend. And I’m not going to be so horribly low and crass as to mention anything about Heath Ledger here.