Olympic Champion Bode Miller Honors His Dad With A Golden Tequila


Jose Cuervo is the tequila brand most commonly associated with frat-like frivolity, and spring break shenanigans. In certain respects, the reputation is apt: their flagship Cuervo Gold is unapologetically cheap, offering flavors best suited to shot glasses and frozen drink blenders. But hidden behind their most infamous spirit is a proud family tradition steeped in quality craftsmanship. The real gold comes in the form of their Reserva De La Familia, a super premium blend of aged spirit honoring the generations-old legacy of this family owned distillery. It might just be the perfect gift to honor your own family on Father’s Day.

Making that case, literally and figuratively, is gold medal Olympian Bode Miller. The most decorated downhill skier in American history was in the New York City earlier this week, presenting his dad with his own personally designed package of Reserva De La Familia.

“My relationship with my dad is really important to me, and strong,” Miller says, explaining his involvement with the brand. “Reserva de La Familia celebrates the tradition that they have in their family of making this really special tequila for 200 years; the family culture that goes in behind that.”

Cuervo approached Bode and asked him to design a one-off box for his father, Woody. He accepted, without hesitation, but didn’t initially realize how emotional the project would become. “As we dug into it, we shared many similar beliefs,” he noted. “Underlying it all is that desire to celebrate the relationship and the tradition between father and son, and passing down whatever ritual it is.”

For Juan-Domingo Beckmann, owner of Cuervo and direct descendant of Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo, Reserva De La Familia is the highest expression of his own family’s ritual. Classified as an Extra Añejo, it’s made from 100% blue agave, and aged for upwards of 3 years in French oak. The added time in the barrel results in a deep color and smoothness far more suggestive of cognac or fine brandy. This is a spirit designed to be enjoyed from a sifter; neat, in a cigar parlor. 

To highlight the Miller family ritual, Bode delivered his dad a box of Reserva jacketed in a trail map of the New Hampshire mountain where he learned how to ski, with pictures of childhood memories intermittently peppered about.

“This is a trophy memorializing our relationship,” the younger Miller added. His father — significantly softer-spoken than his son — didn’t have to say much to demonstrate the paternal pride he felt at the moment. “It means a lot to me. This will always be something that epitomizes our relationship.”

Even if you’re not an Olympic champion, dad will surely be proud of you this Sunday, particularly if he’s on the receiving end of an artfully-boxed, $120 bottle of premium tequila. The 2015 limited release is now on shelves at Philippe Liquors in Chelsea and in Midtown at Park Avenue Liquors.