Peter Luger Becomes Site of Sting Operation; Bike Justice Served


So you’ve wasted all morning reading and laughing about the “girl who quits job on dry-erase board” story. (It’s good.)

For that afternoon sugar low (go eat something already), here’s something else: Well-known writer Jami Attenberg, whose bike was stolen in Williamsburg last week after she attended the Arcade Fire show at MSG, has a great write-up about getting her bike back within 16 hours with the help of Craigslist, the music-critic-slash-ad-hoc-cop Maura Johnston, and a friendly crew of Williamsburg’s finest. Attenberg arranged her “sting” right in front of Peter Luger Steakhouse.

Of the establishment’s notorious waiters, who look unsettlingly happy and sweet in this picture, she writes, “I figured I was safe as a kitten in front of Peter Luger’s. (I always feel like those waiters are just itching to kick someone’s ass).”

The tale may restore some degree of faith in the NYPD and/or instill deep burger cravings.