PGA Memes Founder Travis Miller Transformed His Meme Page Into a Booming Media Company


While many view social media scrolling and use as a “waste of time,” there is definitely a difference between being a content “consumer” and a content “creator,” on the platform. The latter has the potential to not only gain a hefty following, but to establish a brand. There are countless examples of bloggers turned influencers, and regular people whose account blew up due to the caliber of their niche posts. And while there seems to be an array of pages for every group, there are those that draw in diverse audiences of all ages and backgrounds: meme pages. From comedic cartoons to satirical tweets, and everything in between, there’s no shortage of memes on Instagram, and with today’s pop culture norms establishing the sharing of memes as if they are the latest news, meme virality is a driving force in the creation of new pages. Essentially, there’s a meme account for everyone. However, a few years ago Travis Miller, a sales and marketing executive with a love for golf, saw that there was a market gap—or rather a “content gap”—for fellow golf enthusiasts. Given his passion for the sport and his years of marketing experience, he took matters into his own hands; and so, PGA Memes was born.

What began as a simple humorous account that poked fun at the golfers’ plight, while simultaneously breaking up the often rigid stereotype of country clubs and elitism that has historically surrounded the game, turned into a wildly popular account that now boasts a following of nearly 780K. With golf fans, pro players, and celebrities as followers and naturally “sharers” of the content, PGA Memes carved out a unique market for itself with quite the cult-following. With an eye for marketing and business, Miller saw the possibilities and opportunities for the future of the account where many fellow creators missed them. He leveraged the page’s following and reach, which stands at over 20 million impressions per week, and turned it into a full-fledged media company.

Although Miller is still involved with the content side of the business that he started out in, he is more focused on growing the multi-form media platform. PGA Memes provides brands with ad campaign strategies and activations, growth analytics, press and exposure on its various channels, and much more. All this is done through the company’s various channels, which include Hack Patrol, Hissalot, and Fore the Babes, as well as a quickly growing podcast, Shank Happens with PGA Memes. The shift from solely posting viral memes to becoming a legitimate diversified brand in its own right is going so well that the PGA Tour itself has turned to the company to promote its tournaments and help with event activations. Talk about coming full circle.

With an impressive and inspiring story, there’s no telling where Miller will take PGA Memes, but we have a feeling it’s only up from here. To keep up on the latest from the company and catch some laughs for PGA Memes on Instagram.

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