Pizza Prints: The Most Important Invention of 2011 or Any Year


You’re probably busy getting ready for the festivities tonight, but please, take the time to watch the above video. It’s a demonstration of Pizza Prints, which are meltable graphic decals you apply directly onto pizza. Pizza Prints are more than just fun, delicious, and gluten-free–they are quite possibly the most important invention in human history.

There’s an old story about an indigenous island tribe watching the horizon as tall ships were approaching, unable to see the crafts because they simply couldn’t expect or process such astoundingly new things. That’s what happened to me the first time I saw the above video about Pizza Prints. I had to watch it 20, 30 times before I could actually see the Super Bowl decal being absorbed into the cheese.

I don’t know how they do it. I’m not sure I want to know, for I’d much rather keep the Wizard behind the curtain.

Since Steve Jobs’ death this year, there has been much discussion on what makes a great product. With the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, Jobs and his team at Apple revolutionized and dramatically improved behavior we took for granted every day. Still, none of these devices can be placed onto pizza and eaten.

Great inventions become ubiquitous in our lives. They melt into our daily routine, much like Pizza Prints melt into pizza. Soon, we don’t realize we’re using these life-changing products, just like we don’t know we’re eating Pizza Prints because, as their website states, “The natural parmesan cheese flavor profile complements the pizza toppings so there is no detraction from the unique taste of each pie.”

Pizza Prints are available in plenty of different designs, like the understated WWE theme to the right or this colorful and delicious-looking NASCAR logo.

Much like the work of Shakespeare, we don’t know whether an individual is responsible for Pizza Prints or if it was a group effort. All we can do is enjoy their work and thank them for blessing us so.

When you raise your glass tonight to toast the new year, be sure to mention Pizza Prints, the invention that will surely change your life in 2012.