Plenty of Fish is Not Working, and People Are Freaking Out


Do you know what Plenty of Fish is? It’s a dating website based in Canada — though it’s kind of a big deal in Williamsburg, supposedly, probably because it’s free — and it’s currently not working. What of the people whose matches have yet to be made?

Someone for the Florida Sun-Sentinel wrote a blog post on this, and, I don’t know, it seems kind of unlikely that the Florida Sun-Sentential is knee-deep in Canadian tech news, which is why this is so funny:

Details regarding the circumstances of the site’s downtime are unknown.

The Canada-based is a free online dating site founded in 2003. As of 2008, it ranked first in page visits amongst online dating sites in both the United States and the United Kingdom, according to the comScore Media Matrix.

Ah, that’s why you’re writing this, sure. Because it’s popular as of two years ago! No. No, come on, now. Dude definitely has a Plenty of Fish profile, and you know the possibility of someone screaming at their computer inside the FSS offices being like WE WERE GOING TO DO IT ON THE NEXT DATE! GAHHHH! should not be ruled out. More as we get it, I suppose.