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Poetry, Hebrew Prayers, and a Tangoid Ode on Feet and Wheels


If you’re in a wheelchair, and you run a dance company in which you perform, it’s a good idea to book a theater where viewers look down at the stage. Kitty Lunn’s Infinity did that this time; the intimate Joyce Soho proved the perfect environment for the solos, duets, and group works, in several of which—dances by Peter Pucci and Gabriela Poler—Lunn, a paraplegic, propelled herself on the floor with her arms. Argentinean choreographer Dario Vaccaro works closely with the troupe; he and Lunn performed a steamy duet to Mahler in which Lunn’s limited mobility was hardly noticeable. Vaccaro’s Eight Seasons, a tango fest with a text by Vivaldi and music by Piazzolla, displayed the rest of the troupe—Vanessa Laws, Teri Miller, and Jason McDole—to good advantage.