Poll: America Is Full of Wanna-Be Movie Stars. Bloggers, Not So Much.


America, the beautiful, or America, the wanna-be beautiful, and famous, and rich, and adored. Want the simple, mathematical explanation for the existence of reality television, the E! network, why MTV doesn’t play music anymore, and why the word “Snooki” is something that actually rings a bell with people?

Via the New York Daily News, the biggest and brightest ambition in America is, by a long shot in a recently released Marist Poll, to be a movie-star. The breakdown went like this:

  • 32 percent have a “dream job” of being a movie star, particularly on the east coast.
  • 29 percent have a “dream job” of being a professional athlete, which was also tops among people already grossing more than $50K/year, particularly in the Midwest and western United States.
  • 13 percent have a “dream job” of being President of the United States, a desire highly represented in the South.
  • 13 percent have a “dream job” of being a rock star, many of whom were 19 through 29.
  • and 13 percent were “unsure,” a figure highly concentrated among older demographics.

The full result of the poll, which asked a little more than a thousand people, can be found at the Marist Institute’s site. The poll’s results, however, should be sincerely called into question, as an obvious omission — “blogger” — did not make the final cut of potential answers. Dream, America. Dream.