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Popping the Question at New York Comic Con: A Love Story in Six Photos


It’s a fact: conventions bring people together. This year, there are over 100,000 people at New York Comic Con cramming into the Javits Center to pour over vintage comics, show off their costumes, or catch a few panels among tons of other things. However, on the first official day of the Con, two people were brought way, way closer together than anyone else in the crowd.

Friday afternoon in the Artist Alley, folks were bustling and checking out work from hundreds of artists from around the world. But there was one calm group of people in the thick of things, doing what looked like a routine interview between cosplayers.

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At the center of it all was a guy with an alien bursting from his stomach and a woman as a striking version of Red Sonja, couple Steven Porter and Nicci Fett. Fans may recognize Fett from other conventions, since she’s an accomplished costumer and makeup artist.

Suddenly, microphone in hand, Porter fell to one knee and pulled a ring out of his pocket. Within seconds, a small crowd had gathered around the pair, cheering them on. As with most surprise proposals, it took a few seconds for things to sink in, but she gave him a wholehearted “yes.”

Even the cameraman capturing the whole event on film was shocked, admitting he didn’t realize what was happening until it had already passed. Others yet wondered if it was a setup, saying afterward that they figured it was genuine when they saw Fett’s reaction.

After Porter and Fett took some time to catch their breath, we had the chance to chat with the misty-eyed, adrenaline-filled couple about their special moment before they got back to work.

How long have you been planning this, Steven?

It’s been in the works for probably about a year, but I bought some materials for it recently and actually made the ring wood over the last week or so.

What kind of materials did you use for the ring?

The ring itself is a wood veneer which I boiled to make soft, and then I bent it. After it pretty much held its shape, I glued it into place. After that, I ground it down to make it more of a ring shape. Then I took my dremel tool, and I carved in the symbol here, which is the mark of the sacrifice from the Berserk manga. And I inset that with some red stone that I’d crushed up.

Do you guys both like Berserk?


How are you feeling right now, Nicci?

I think I’m gonna barf and die right here. Die in my barf. [Laughs]

So it’s safe to say it’s been a good Con so far?

[Both] YES! Yes!