PSA: Don’t Feed Your Dog (or Cat) Gatorade


Attention New York humans! Yes, it’s hot as balls out there, but don’t forget that your mammalian pets are suffering, too. NYC Veterinary Specialists shares tips for helping overheated pets, and some pretty terrifying warning signs: sluggishness; vomiting, sometimes with blood; severe diarrhea; and red or pale gums. How are Pookie’s gums?

Like humans, pets should stay indoors in the A.C., limit their walks outside to shady areas, and avoid strenuous activities or sitting in hot cars with the windows rolled up.

But! Unlike humans, via the Queens Courier:”Sports drinks or electrolyte supplements do not help animals fighting dehydration.”

Why? “Dogs sweat by panting. They don’t sweat like people or need supplements such as sodium or potassium,” according to Benjamin Davidson, emergency medicine and critical care specialist with NYC Veterinary Specialists. “These products can actually harm animals and make them sick.”

So now you know. Don’t put Gatorade in Fido’s water bowl. You could, however, give him chicken-flavored water, via Pet Refresh: “priced like premium bottled water for people — designed for pets.” Because most humans do not prefer chicken-flavored water.

Update: Sadly, the PetRefresh product line will soon be discontinued.