Regarding That One Time Diddy Rapped with Anna Wintour and Oprah


Anna Wintour, Diddy, and Oprah got their rap on like it was 1998. MTV’s Jersey Shore is being sued for profiting off of… being Jersey Shore. Letterman’s extortionist is off to the hoosegow. The SexFraggle now known as Ke$ha played a Bat Mitzvah at Cipriani. These are Wednesday’s Gossip Folks.

  • The guy who tried extorting David Letterman recently got married, and is now off to jail. Grandfathers all over the world may now have a field day with this one. [NYP]
  • In New York, ex sex is a Scout Badge-type experience. No better place for randy Brit actor Jude Law and the girl he once cheated on with the kids’ nanny to make their public re-debut then, I guess. Jude Law, Jude Law’s wang, and Sienna Miller showed up on the red carpet of the Met Gala together. [NYDN]
  • Also at the Met Gala: Lady Gaga was being a diva and didn’t want to perform, and when she eventually did, said “fuck” in front of Anna Wintour, which I guess you’re not supposed to do? [Page Six]
  • Speaking of Anna Wintour, she also eventually got pulled into a DJ booth by Diddy and Pharrell Williams, and apparently, Diddy did a verse from “All About the Benjamins,” which is kind of like that time he performed “All About the Benjamins” with Rob Zombie and Dave Grohl, except Anna Wintour makes Rob Zombie look like a pussy, and Pharrell makes…Dave Grohl… I have no idea where I was going with that. Sorry. Either way, Oprah ended up hanging out with all of them, and there is photograph proof that Oprah jams. [Rap Radar]
  • In something that didn’t happen at the Met Gala last night, what will eventually be looked upon as MTV’s most awesome and devastating contribution to Western Society, Jersey Shore, is now being sued for profiting off of the fights the various creatures on the show get into. Which nobody was aware was even something one could be sued for, given the frequency and normality with which those circumstances have been handled. Up until this point, it was totally fair to assume that you could walk up to someone on the Jersey Shore boardwalk, punch them in the face, and then go drink some Ron Ron Juice, all without repercussion. Who knew Jersey Shore would one day set legal precedent? Like I said: Awesome. [Mediaite]
  • Ke$ha’s already hitting the Bat Mitzvah circuit. These are the dreams you have growing up Shift-4. [P6]
  • Ben Stiller possibly just announced that there will not be a sequel for Zoolander, to the crushing disappointment of people who still can’t stop quoting the first one after all the years. Related: Those same people will never stop quoting Zoolander. Ever. [Gatecrasher]
  • Charlie Sheen is an asshole. No, really. [Gawker]
  • If you’ve ever wanted to have your ass handed to you by Gold Medalist ping-pong players at a ping-pong club that counts Susan Sarandon and her boytoy lover as investors, now’s your chance. [P6]

And when has it not been All About the Benjamins? Honestly, since 1998: Good morning, New York.