Robert Sietsema at Parish Hall; Tejal Rao at Per Se


See what NYC’s restaurant critics have been up to this week:

Robert Sietsema checks out Parish Hall in Williamsburg: “The dinner menu at Parish Hall boasts several interesting preparations–including a soft-boiled egg with ham crumbs in a smoked-parsnip slurry–but the eatery really comes into its eggy own at brunch.”

Tejal Rao goes straight for dessert at Per Se: “The dessert tasting doubles as an affordable ticket into the city’s science-fictional theater of money.” The experience, including service, is $65.

New York Magazine‘s Adam Platt goes to NoMad and says the kitchen offers terrific food, but at crazy prices. Two stars for the restaurant: “With one or two exceptions, the main courses at NoMad are similarly accomplished, although none of them are cheap.”

Pete Wells awards two stars to Perla on Minetta Lane. He raves about the vitello tonnato: “This veal was pink all over, thrillingly pink. It was cut into juicy slabs almost a quarter-inch thick, not shaved into onionskin layers. And it was fantastic, with that quiet but very real flavor of true veal that America has all but forgotten.”

The New Yorker dives into Atera and points out that chef Matthew Lighter, “prioritizes flavor over flair without sacrificing either, sourcing basic and familiar tastes from nature.”