Rossopomodoro’s Pizza Deal is Fit for Partying


All you can eat pizza is usually a terrible idea. You’re most likely drunk. The pie is most likely sweating under a hot lamp in a slick of grease. It’s a safe bet that you’re going to eat too much just to get bang for the buck, and to ever so slightly regret it in the morning.Well, the $20 Rossopomodoro limitless pizza deal is nothing like that.

“I think of it not as all-you-can-eat pizza,” says Damon Kornhauser, who is in charge of overseeing the pizza quality at the restaurant, “but more as “limitless” or “endless.”

The rules: the whole table has to participate. You select a list of pizzas from the menu. They’re brought out one (or two for big groups) at a time, and once you’ve finished the pizza — “crust counts!” — the next one arrives.

“It’s actually a tradition in Italy,” says Kornhauser. “Especially around this time of year. It’s a great sociable way to share food with friends and family and try different things, so we thought, we could do it to celebrate the holidays – and our one year birthday!

“People seem to really like it so far. We started it on Sunday and we’re doing through the holidays (#12daysofpizza). It’s a great opportunity to try lots of different pizzas.”

Though this is a good chance to try more exotic options like the festive favorite Broccoletta, (topped with shredded Brussels sprouts, cured pork belly and an Italian version of béchamel sauce, made with the whey from fresh buffalo mozzarella), don’t underestimate the simple delights of a the great margherita, drizzled with exceptional olive oil. Every pizza, (including a great gluten-free pizza) is cooked to order by a master chef who came from Italy along with the wood-fired oven.

“We have great teams of pizza chefs ready to go, because things can get hectic back there,” says Kornhauser. “Pizza chefs work in teams. There’s the pizzaiolo, the head chef. He’s the one making the dough, spreading it and topping it. Then there’s a fornaio, who brings over the peel (the pizza paddle) gets the pizza and cooks it. It takes about 90 seconds to cook a pizza because they’re so thin, so things move fast, and when you’re juggling three or four pizzas in the oven, rotating them so that they cook evenly — well, it’s a real skill.”