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Sarah P. Antonella Shares Her Success Journey Through Her Book “Level Up”


Sarah P. Antonella, or Sarah P for short, is a tireless woman who has successfully ventured into the world of sport, business, and publishing. She was a competitive ice skater during her younger years and became a coach later in her career. In everything she does, Sarah exhibits burning passion, which is why she has kept her love for skating despite being involved in other activities.

With a contagious positivity, a high-energy personality, and undeniable integrity, Sarah achieved success as an athlete and businesswoman. She became the CEO of a global marketing agency and propelled the company to earn seven digits consistently in its first few years. Sarah was able to use the passion and dedication she had for competitive skating for over 16 years in her business ventures many years later.

Figure skating became an outlet for Sarah to overcome the challenges she faced as a child. She had the chance to work and train with some of the most amazing people in the figure skating industry. Sarah was under the tutelage of legendary American ice skating coach Frank Carroll, who became her inspiration when she became a coach herself.

For Sarah, success is best experienced when you get to share it not only with the people you know but also even with complete strangers. For this reason, she wrote a book called Level Up, which discusses what every person should do to gain success in life and their career. Sarah poured her heart and soul into this project, which has become a certified best-seller on Amazon and other online stores.

In this book, Sarah shares her humble beginnings as a young girl who was bullied because of her color and her ethnic background. She admits to having gotten confused about her identity as she is half-Caucasian and half-Asian. This became a reason for many kids at her school and church to bully her. Sarah was upset during those times, but she picked herself up and moved on.

Another angle that Sarah places great emphasis on in Level Up is how she made her way into the male-dominated business world. Society has a way of underestimating women’s capacity to lead, but Sarah has proven all doubters wrong by becoming a successful CEO. At a relatively young age, Sarah has triumphed in overcoming childhood bullying and stereotyping in the business world.

Sarah believes in the power of self-confidence, so she wants to spread this message to more people by expanding her audience. She launched her website recently, where she puts the promotion of Level Up at its center in addition to her podcast series. Sarah knows that her book could potentially change many people’s lives, so she promotes it through many platforms and venues.

Through Level Up, Sarah hopes to become a source of inspiration for people who have struggled with bullying and are now making their names. She maintains that self-confidence is vital to unlocking anyone’s potential in anything they do. Every word in Level Up came from Sarah’s heart and life experience, which she hopes can make a difference in other people’s lives.

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