Say Hello To Golden Triangle, Trashy Music To Get Naked By


Yes in My Backyard is a semiweekly column showcasing MP3s from new and emerging local talent.

Brooklyn’s Golden Triangle are an art-dance wet-dream-turned-night-terror. They’re less a band and more like what John Waters would imagine a band to be–shimmy and grind, Crampsian slither and caveman stomp, kitsch and kiss, probably a lot of alcohol. It’s no joke that audience members sometimes find themselves dizzy and out of their clothes, because this is the colorful, trashy vintage-shop soundtrack to your summer of abandon. Their debut album, Double Jointer, was released back in March on Sub Pop offshoot Hardly Art, and is standing strong as one of the best local releases of the year. They’re back with a just-released split seven-inch–limited to 1,000 copies–with their labelmates the Fresh and Onlys, featuring a pair of brand new pounders. A-side “Cold Bones” is a little more windswept and dreamy then their glitter-meets-gutter full-length, and it looks beautiful on them, a damn-near-optimistic mix of X-Ray Spex, Jesus and Mary Chain, and half an ecstasy pill shared at Death by Audio.

Download: Golden Triangle, “Cold Bones”

What is “Cold Bones” about?

OJ San Felipe, guitarist: “Cold Bones” is about a girl all dressed up with nowhere to go, all wearing her nice shoes, and no one to pick her up. Anyways, that’s what the first verse is about. The second verse is something about hitchhikers. “Cold Bones” just sounded cool in the chorus instead of saying “oh oh oh.”

What inspired its creation?

Just living in New York inspires the music to be what it is.

Tell me about what vinyl-only singles mean to you.

That’s a good question for Jeff Chiplis, our friend in Cleveland. He’s famous for collecting carrot-related things and 45s only.

When you guys DJed at Bruar Falls this weekend, you guys played a lot of electro. Tell me about the influence of rap and dance music on Golden Triangle.

I don’t think rap really influences our music too much, I don’t think. Some of us just really like listening to hip-hop and booty bass and electro. I mean, it may influence the music somehow some way that I don’t know.

What’s the best reaction someone’s had to your band?

Vashti Windish, singer: Thrashing and speaking in tongues.

San Felipe: People seem to always be makin’ out and getting naked at our shows lately.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn?

San Felipe: I just like eating doubles in Bed-Stuy–cheap and good.

Golden Triangle play a free in-store at Sound Fix Records on May 4, and then hit Monster Island on the 14th with the Fresh and Onlys.