Sex and the City 2 in Cupcake Form — Groan. (Plus: How to Kill the Carrie Cupcake)


More cupcake madness

Forget that you can’t walk into a certain kind of bar without being offered a SATC2 Cosmo these days. Now, homage is being paid to the ladies from the Sex and the City sequel in cupcake form. Food2 is highlighting recipes corresponding to each woman’s persona: red velvet for Miranda, vanilla with pale pink sugar pearls for Charlotte, double chocolate for Samantha, and raspberry (or, really, any generic pink flavor will do) for Carrie.

Of course, the cupcakery that started it all, Magnolia Bakery, is doing its own Carrie Cupcake. It’s vanilla with pink buttercream frosting. Grub Street suggests we stop it before it takes over the city using brute force and merciless cunning.