SizeGenetics Reviews – My 4 Months Results Before & After Using This Penis Extender


In this Sizegenetics review we have tested and used the sizegenetics device for over 4 months, and we did get some results, as you will read, although it was not the results we expected.

Almost every man has had trouble in bed at one point or another. Whether it’s erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or sub-par performance, these issues can destroy relationships and cause serious embarrassment. And let’s face it — pills and other prescription drugs just don’t work for most men.

Thankfully, I came across a non-invasive device, SizeGenetics, which has worked wonders for my erections, size, and sexual performance. SizeGenetics is a clinically proven device that is easy to use and can deliver almost immediate results.

My penis size was in the average range when I started. After just a few short weeks, I saw a significant improvement in length, and each time I lasted a little longer. The whole experience has been positive, and I want to share my success story with you.

In this SizeGenetics review, I have tried to include every important aspect for you to consider before buying. To do so, I had to check the product with great care and detail. This review is an answer to all your questions and concerns. It will help you choose if the SizeGenetics extender is suitable for you.

I have also attempted to answer some questions that have been asked around the net and published in various forums. So let’s start an amazing journey into the world of sexual supremacy. See you on the other side…

What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is the world’s best Male Enhancement Device, helping men get bigger and stronger erections while providing REAL, long-term increases in both size and girth. It is a non-surgical penis extension that offers safe and permanent penis enlargement in the comfort of your own home.

The thing I like most in SizeGenetics extenders is an easy-adjust comfort strap, enabling you to customize the device for a truly comfortable fit. The device consists of a high-quality traction device designed by certified medical professionals who have been working in the field of penis enlargement for many years.

The SizeGenetics System provides a safe, affordable, and effective method to help boost your length gains to an incredible 9 inches in only 4 months. Initially, it was developed by Dr. Siana as an aide to the development and healing of the penis after surgery.

But later, he discovered that the device could produce the desired length and straighten out curvatures.

SizeGenetics extender comes with a 58-WAY ULTIMATE comfort system to deliver the best traction experience and applies a massive 2,800 grams of tension, 50% more than any leading penis extender. I have used some penis extenders earlier, and trust me; none has come even close to SizeGentices in terms of effectiveness and comfort.

Product Name SizeGenetics
Category Male Enhancement Device
Wearing Hours 4-6 Hours Each Day
Result Period 3-6 Months
Expected Length Gain 5-8 Inches
Side Effects No Major Side Effects
Price $199.95
Success % 95%
Money-Back Guarantee 200% Money Back Guarantee
Purchase Access Click Here For Official Website


  • Non-Surgical Penile Elongation
  • 5 Inch (3,8 Cm) In 2 Month
  • 58 Way Ultimate Comfort System
  • Offers A Massive 2,800 Grams Of Tension
  • Has An Authentic Medical Device Certificate
  • Over 25 Successful Years In The Marketplace
  • Endorsed And Backed By Doctors Across The Globe
  • Fast and 100% Discreet Delivery
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


  • Sold Exclusively Online
  • Not Compatible With Overnight Wearing
  • Need To Wear The Device For Hours


How Does SizeGenetics Work?

Believe it or not, when you are unconfident in your own capabilities, it can affect all aspects of your life, and a sexual relationship is no exception.

Small manhood can make you feel undue about your abilities in bed. SizeGenetics extenders can help people suffering from Peyronie’s Disease and extend penis inches in no time.

SizeGenetics works on the same principle as weight lifting does to muscles; in simple words, it harnesses the body’s ability to replicate cells.

You are right; I am talking about microscopic tears and duplication of penis cells to add to the shaft and circumference of the penis. It is easy to use and comfortable enough to wear under trousers even at work or at night when you sleep.

I simply need to attach SizeGenetics Extender to my penis. SizeGenetics extenders offer 2,800 grams of tension, 50% higher than most penis extenders.

Once set at the correct tension, the device starts to deliver steady and constant traction along the corpora cavernosa, increasing cytokinesis and the blood carrying capacity of cells in the penis.

The reaction to traction results in microscopic tears and causes cells to divide through the body’s natural healing process.

The gaps created due to microscopic tears are filled by newly formed cells giving extra dimension naturally and effortlessly. You just need to wear SizeGenetics for 4-8 hours every day with some exercises included in its delivery package.

Why Did I Choose SizeGenetics?

58 WAY ULTIMATE Comfort System

I prioritize comfort simply because you can’t wear a penis extender for 4-6 hours if it’s agonizing. SizeGenetics extenders come with a UNIQUE 58-way Ultimate Comfort System and a padded rubber ‘comfort strap’ that helps properly circulate blood and provides maximum support.

I searched the web and found most penis extenders offer 1 or 2 way systems; SizeGenetics comes with 2 unique headpieces and multiple ways of fitting the device. The padded comfort strap helps provide maximum comfort and relief from pain, unlike any other penis extender.

Massive 2,800 grams Tension

I had tried a few penis extenders earlier, and they felt too light. The results are slow to appear with 1,500-1,800 grams of tension. SizeGenetics offers about 2,800 grams of tension for your traction treatment.

The tension bars are not intrusive or bulky, and I can easily adjust the extender to suit my needs. The straps are adjustable and easy to use. I can also connect the extender device to the strap and prevent it from unintentionally coming off.

Clinically Proven, Medical Device

Clinical studies back SizeGenetics penis extender. It is not just a ‘gadget’ that someone thought of. A multi-center, double-blind study of over 1000 healthy male volunteers at different medical universities found that the average size of the penis increased from 3 to 4 inches.

I say this to make the point clear that these are not results of just ‘a few guys’. SizeGenetics extender is an FDA-cleared medical device and comes with MDA(Multi-Directional Angling) technology, making it completely safe.

Affordable Alternative To Surgery

After a few days of my breakup, I went to a urologist. The expense he would charge to perform the operation was too much for me to afford. And I was afraid of surgery. So I decided non an invasive alternative – SizeGenetics Penis Extender.

SizeGenetics extender is much more affordable than getting a surgical penile enlargement procedure. The SizeGenetics results are permanent, and I can use them in my home privacy. I never had to go to the hospital or stay overnight. That saved me a lot of money.

Discreet Billing & Shipping

When I received my box of SizeGenetics, I was a little surprised. I didn’t expect it to be so discreet because it doesn’t say anything about the product. I’m not sure if this is just for the initial order, but I’m happy about that.

Also, I didn’t have to wait long for my SizeGenetics to arrive. Actually, I ordered it on a Monday, and it arrived the following week on Friday. Unbelievable shipping and delivery!

The delivery guy doesn’t ask for any billing information until you wish to communicate, so that’s nice.

What Did I Get in the Box?

In conjunction with SizeGenetics™ Type 1 Medical Device, all 4 models offer essential components like a Product case, Comfort pads, Bars, and a Money-back guarantee kit. As per my needs, I decided to order an ULTIMATE SYSTEM.

My first and foremost impression was, Wow! A lot of items were coming in the box. Basic items were in the top layers, and the rest was in the bottom. I will name the items in order of how they appeared in the box.

  • 1 X Sizegenetics Type 1 Medical Device
  • 1 X A Full, No Quibble, 1-Year Warranty
  • 2 X Travel Case
  • 1 X Dual Function Front Piece
  • 1 X Protection Pad
  • 1 X Silicone Tube
  • 1 X Comfort Strap
  • 1 X No-Slip Protech
  • 8 X Elongation Bars
  • 1 X Sizegenetics Quick Start Guide
  • 2 X Booster Pills

My Daily Routine With SizeGenetics Extender

The device is quite comfortable and easy to use, so I didnt need to put in much effort or have any experience or professional help to use the device.

It can be worn underneath clothes, allowing me to wear it at work or at leisure. I just have to make sure that it is properly attached and adjusted to my size before wearing it.

The SizeGenetics device is effortless to use. Let’s see how to use sizeGenetics:

  1. Follow the instructions and clean your genitalia before using it as soon as you receive the box. The instructional manual advises not to use the extender on a wet penis.
  2. Fitting the device should be fairly simple if you follow the instructions: Position your penis shaft and slide down the device until it is comfortable. The extender device is fastened on the penis base using the attached plastic ring and genital head with the stretchy silicone tube ring.
  3. Then the length of elongation bars is set at 1 cm longer than the maximal stretched semi-solid flaccid penis. Straps are tightened until you feel that the extender shouldn’t move around, and you could still get an erection with the device on.
  4. Using the knobs, adjust tension as per your comfort level, and you are ready to go. One should prefer wearing the extender in sets of two for 3 hours each before and after work hours. At the weekend, you used to wear it for six straight hours.

Now its been more than 4 months since I first started using the SizeGenetics extender; I have gained more than 4 inches in length and more than 1.5 inches in thickness.

As with any other Penis Extender device, you have to be consistent with its use and maintain your routine if you want to see results. But if you do, you will surely see the magic happening in your pants.

SizeGenetics Benefits

Add Inches to Penis Shaft

With the continuous usage of SizeGenetics, I was able to add 4 inches in length and more than 1.5 inches in thickness in just 4 months.

I think this is more than enough to believe that this really works. Just go and check out some real SizeGenetics Reviews, and you will see a lot of guys adding at least an inch in just a few weeks. The changing size of my penis has also created more interest and pleasure when I am having intercourse with my partner.

Enhance Sexual Stamina & Libido

The best thing I experienced while using the SizeGenetics extender was a boost in my libido. Before its usage, I could not provide long-lasting performance in bed, but after using the device for some time, I found that I can easily last for 20-30 minutes.

So it helps in pleasuring my partner, as I could not satisfy her before its usage, according to her. I personally feel that better sexual performance enhances my self-confidence and gives me ultimate pleasure.

Harder and Longer Erections

Along with the treatment for micropenis syndrome, SizeGenetics helps fight back erectile dysfunction. With improved blood flow and increased penis size, now I enjoy longer erections that are harder than ever. The increased size and sensitivity mean I have greater and more intense orgasms than before.

Treat Curvature of The Penis

SizeGenetics traction device can help men with a curved penis correction and straighten it. It can also be used for men who have been unsuccessful with surgery or want a quicker and cheaper correction route. While reading SizeGenetic’s reviews on the website, I realized that it could also help treat Peyronie’s disease.

Boost Self Confidence

Lastly, the results that I experienced after using SizeGenetics helped boost my self-confidence. The increased sexual performance has helped boost my self-esteem.

Just months ago, I was timid, and whenever I wanted to approach a lady or wanted to flirt, I would be stuttering, and my voice was shaky. After getting the results that I wanted, I found myself approaching ladies more often and more brashly.

See What Real Customers Have to Say About Sizegenetics – A Medical Grade FDA Approved Device

My 4 Months SizeGenetics Results

During the initial days of my SizeGenetics use, I expected some overnight success. The truth is that nothing works overnight. Only after using it for 2 weeks did I begin to see improvement. I started feeling confident and energized. At the same time, my partner started noticing the difference as well.

I took good care of the device and used it daily. I religiously did 2 sets of 3 hours each day. Soon I started gaining size, and my penis kept growing with every passing month. From the original 5.5″ to a whopping 9″, I finally reached my desired size.

After 4 months of using the SizeGenetics traction device, I gained 4 inches in length and more than 1.5 inches in thickness.

The difference was so much evidence that I decided to put it all down on paper. I started documenting my progress to See SizeGenetics before and after results. And this is how I chose to share my SizeGenetics results with the world.


Is SizeGenetics Penile Traction Device Safe? What Are The Side Effects?

Although the device has quite a few safety features, it is always important to read the instructions and follow them closely. Unlike surgery, it is non-invasive and safe for use.

The first time I used it, I was nervous because I had heard many horror stories of men who had injured themselves trying to gain size. I was pleasantly surprised that it was really a simple device.

The SizeGenetics device is made of entirely skin-safe materials. With key features like multi-directional angling, it helps avoid pain and accidents. It is among few penis extenders to have an FDA-cleared medical device classified as a Type 1 medical device. The device has CE certification and is cleared for use in the European Union.

Talking about side effects, I have to confirm that there are no severe side effects of using the SizeGenetics device. In fact, the only reported side effects from using the device are mild soreness and minor bruising. The skin might go through a period of temporary irritation that goes away in due time.

Where to Buy SizeGenetics? Any Money Back Guarantee?

There are a few different places where you can buy the device from. I had done some research on this before I bought it, and I was happy that I did. I looked around and found some deals, so I want to share them with you.

The official website and Amazon are the two places where you can buy SizeGenetics. You should be careful when you order because there are fake SizeGenetics out there. As for deals and discounts, SizeGenetics’s official website is the place to look for.

SizeGenetics Extenders Price

Money-Back Guarantee

The high price of SizeGenetics is always the biggest concern for customers but in my opinion, since it has a 200% money-back guarantee, then why not take a chance. If you are not happy with the SizeGenetics results, you can request a full refund plus what you have paid. Most other penis enlargement systems do not offer a 200% money-back guarantee.

Sizegentics Vs. Quick Extender Pro Vs. Phalloson Forte


Quick Extender Pro Phallosan forte SizeGenetics
Manufacturing Company Quick Extender Pro Inc. Swiss Sana AG DanaMedic ApS
Success Rate 95% 92% 93%
Spring Tension Force 4000g 3000g 2800g
Potential Gain 4”- 7” 3”- 5” 4”- 6”
Benefits Increase in Penis Length & Girth

Better Erection Quality & Strength

Curvature Correction (Peyronies Disease)

Boost in Confidence and Self-Esteem

Increased Length & Girth

Reversed Peyronie’s disease

Better Sexual Performance

Boost in Confidence and Self-Esteem

Add Inches to Penis Shaft

Enhance Sexual Stamina

Harder and Longer Erections

Treat Curvature of The Penis

Boost Self Confidence

Result Period 3-6 Months 4-6 Months 4-6 Months
Price $119.93 – $349.93 $120 – $379.00 $199.95 – $299.95
Money Back Guarantee 180 Days Money Back Guarantee 2 Years On all Components 200% Money Back Guarantee
Side Effects No Major Side Effects No Major Side Effects No Major Side Effects
Official website
Overall Rating


SizeGenetics Alternatives

Phallosan forte

The Phallosan Forte is a penis extender that uses traction to encourage penis growth. It is made of light, compact, and 100% hypoallergenic materials to provide comfort and safety for users.

According to the company, this device can help increase penis length by 3 inches in just six months. The device is suitable for both length and circumference gain.

It has two variants: Phallosan forte and Phallosan forte, designed to fit all penis sizes and needs. Phallosan Forte is priced at $379.00 and comes with a two-year money-back guarantee on all components.

The Phallosan forte app provides a personal training plan to guide users through the whole process.

Quick Extender Pro

The Quick Extender Pro DSS System is the top-rated extender on the market. It is beginner-friendly with easy to wear and use. The manufacturer of this product claims that it can help achieve permanent results, so there is no need to repeat the procedure again. With comfort pads included, you can wear the Quick Extender Pro for 6-8 hours without discomfort.

The tried and tested DSS system provides 2x support and 3x wearing time, making it one of the most reliable and comfortable options. Additionally, it is very lightweight and easy to use – you can even wear it discreetly under your clothes.


SizeGenetics Review: Conclusion

My search for male enhancement ended the moment I ordered a SizeGenetics penis extender. It was a risk to order off a website I wasn’t familiar with, but I did my research, saw the many SizeGenetics positive reviews, and decided to give it a try. I’m so very glad I did.

After using it for only four months, I have seen much improvement. I’m up to 9 inches in length and over 2.5 inches in girth. I have a long way to go, but I’m confident that I will see even greater results if I continue to use SizeGenetics.

SizeGenetics Frequently Asked Questions

Does SizeGenetics really work?

Yes, although the results may vary depending on the person’s age, health, and the time spent using the device. The enlargement process will be gradual; the person may be sore for a few days, and there will be swelling and redness, but this is normal. At the end of the 6 months, one can have what he wants.

When to see the first results with SizeGenetics?

It is estimated that the average man needs at least 2 months to see the results. Thus, you probably need to use it for at least 6 months to see considerable results.

How long do I need to wear the device?

It depends on the requirement of the individual. Most men require wearing them for 6 to 8 hours daily for about 4 to 6 months for the desired result.

Are the SizeGenetics results permanent?

Since SizeGenetics extender works naturally to increase the size through traction, it holds for permanent once the result is delivered. The device’s biggest advantage is that it helps you gain length without hurting your penile tissues, as with most male enhancement exercises and routines.

Is it Safe? Do I need a prescription to buy SizeGenetics?

You need to be at least 18 years old and not suffer from any medical conditions to buy it online. The device is considered a safe medical device, which means that it is safe and effective. Although, if you have any health-related issues and using any medication, you should consult your physician before using the device.

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