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Sought-after leader Brittney Jones shares a few general tips for building a successful social media tips.


Apart from being an entrepreneur with her social media marketing agency, Brittney Jones is a speaker, mentor, and online business leader.

People all around the world dream about so many things, things that they wish to achieve someday or dream about becoming an influential personality, the world would know. However, not all get on the right track and work towards these goals, most of the times out of fear of failing. But ace online business leader and coach Brittney Jones believes that people should take that first step forward, no matter how difficult it may feel for them; in the end, if they work determinedly, success will come to them. Many are also entangled in the 9-5 job setting, wanting to come out of it but hardly have any idea how to do it. They wish to create their online business but lack the right advice and guidance. This is when sought-after business coaches like Brittney Jones enter the picture. She is the founder of her social media marketing agency and her online coaching business that feels passionate about driving brands, people and businesses to the pinnacle of success in online businesses.

She has come forward to share a few general tips for building a successful online business.

  • Stay true to yourself: Brittney Jones says that a business is an extension of the person who is founding it. Also, whether it achieves success or not depends on how others perceive their brand. Authenticity is the key, highlights the ace entrepreneur. She says entrepreneurs must stay true to themselves and their business as this shows their honesty, which attracts more people.
  • Solve a problem: There are already tons of brands in any niche you pick, but all those that go ahead in solving a problem for customers and somehow be of help to them through the business are the ones that stand apart in their industries.
  • Meet the target customers, where they are: Blindly following what other brands do and being active on every possible social media platform is the not answer for better reach, explains Brittney Jones. She says brands and businesses must optimize all those mediums; their target audiences would be found. This will do the job for them.
  • Over-deliver: It is great to deliver what you promise, but brands must sometimes also over-deliver and set benchmarks for others, especially at the start of the business. This immediately creates a positive image of them in the eyes of their target audiences.

Brittney Jones is also known for her impeccable courses and her weekly podcast named “The Underestimate me Podcast”. Training thousands of people globally on online success has become her way of life and she has also built a thriving community of more than 100K, leading others through building online businesses.

Do connect with her on her website, or follow her on Instagram @brittneyceo to know more.

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