States Fight Back Against City Food Bans; Could Eating with a Bigger Fork Help You Lose Weight?


States like Alabama and Florida are adopting limits on the authority cities have to ban unhealthy foods.

Food authorities in Australian and New Zealand are warning citizens against consuming a new coffee that claims to perk up people’s sex lives. [Herald Sun]

A new study suggests that eating with a larger fork could help you lose weight; smaller forks equal more forkfuls.

Grocery stores are offering big discounts these days, preferring to offer multiples like five for $5 instead of one for $1 to lure customers.
[NY Times]

The debate on food trucks rages one. Yes, they’re cool and convenient. But they hurt brick-and-mortar businesses. Yada yada.
[NY Times]

The Prospect Park Alliance and the New York City Track Association held a food-truck rally this Saturday. It will be repeated monthly.

The Youthmarket on Fort Hamilton Parkway, open every Saturday through October 29, is a greenmarket run by teens
[NY Daily News]

China is planning to release part of the central government’s 200,000-metric-ton stash of frozen pork onto the market to combat food inflation.
[NY Times]