Steve Levy Goes Comic on Cuomo — Has the AG Got a Comeback Line?



Today finally brings the first good gag of the gubernatorial race, and it comes from none other than Steve Levy, that Long Island Iced Tea-bagger with the bandito moustache.

Levy’s shot is a well-aimed barb at would-be rival Andrew Cuomo who is still an unannounced gubernatorial candidate (“We are doing the job we were elected to do…We are doing the business of the Attorney General… “)

Levy cites Cuomo’s unsubtly leaked story to Newsday (hidden behind the usual toll gate) today about how “a source close to Cuomo” says he intends to propose a two percent cap on property taxes.

Levy’s statement is headed: “More on Cuomo Plans From Anonymous Source.” Here’s the rest:

“Somewhere in New York State – A source close to Republican candidate for Governor Steve Levy today expressed disappointment in Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s non-campaign for continuing to declare positions on major policy issues through an anonymous source.

“The Levy source, not to be confused with the Cuomo source, cited an article in today’s Newsday, where a ‘source close to Cuomo’ announced the not-a-candidate’s property tax cap proposal. The Levy source noted that Steve Levy has been calling for a property tax cap since he launched an exploratory committee in January.

“‘In addition to offering several other detailed policy initiatives, Steve Levy has called for caps on state spending and on local property taxes for months now, in person and in public,” said the source. “Meanwhile, Mr. Cuomo continues to hide out, appearing in public only when he is ensconced in his protective bubble of doing Attorney General business only, thereby avoiding difficult questions.”

The source noted that Levy supports a cost of living cap on local property taxes that would require a 2/3 majority to override in a public referendum, which is a higher threshold than the 60 percent majority in the plan announced by the Cuomo source and the 55 percent majority in the Paterson plan.”


Let’s hope Cuomo has an equally funny shot to launch back in Levy’s direction.