Steven Slater Now Famous Enough to Have an Impostor


Page Six reported today that Steven Slater spent the weekend on a yacht partying with hundreds of other dudes for Playgirl exec Daniel Nardicio’s birthday. Thing is, the picture they ran with the item was not of Slater, but of some dude that kinda-maybe-sorta resembles him, as Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor pointed out. Who is this guy? And is Slater really famous enough to have a doppelganger already?

We asked Nardicio whether he could tell us who the man was. He didn’t know, and hadn’t met the guy before; “he contacted me through a friend to be guest-listed.” Even the friend was fooled into thinking it was the real Slater, and he’s now “stupefied and embarrassed.”

Nardicio added that the Slater look-alike “took pictures all night, even asked to take a complimentary bottle of Belvedere vodka home. Good on the bloke for getting some free liquor!”

Indeed. The whole thing is amusing mainly because this guy just really doesn’t look all that much like the real Steven Slater. He’s chubby and blond, but not even quite blond enough. How did everyone spend the entire party thinking it was him? And how did Page Six not notice that this was an impostor? Beyond that, does the world really need a Steven Slater impostor? These are the questions we must ask.

We’re trying to locate the faux-Slater and will update if we do.