Super Bowl Aftermath: What Was The Best Commercial?


There were so many celebs filling up the valued time between touchdowns at last night’s Super Bowl that it almost made the long, laborious evening worthwhile for me. (I said almost.)

Jazzing up all the high-powered commercials were starry names like Joan Rivers, Eminem, Adrien Brody, Timothy Hutton, and Kenny G, for Chrissake.

But probably the most memorable one–not the best, mind you, just the one that seared into the memory most efficiently–was the Best Buy ad featuring the unlikely pairing of the Osbournes and Justin Bieber.

Ozzy Osbourne is seen doing a commercial for technology that keeps improving–so quickly that soon enough, Ozzy is kicked out of the ad in favor of the mopheaded Canadian singing imp.

“What’s a Bieber?” asks Ozzy as Sharon Osbourne looks quizzical and a little person chimes in, “I don’t know. Kind of looks like a girl.”

If they were going to go with this borderline touchy angle, I wish they’d gone all the way and said, “Kind of looks like a lesbian.”

Still, it was a memorable 30 seconds. And far more tasteful than Christina singing about “reaming.”

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