Taco Box Debuts at B Bar on Bowery


The formidable selection of squirt-ons for your taco, tostada, or salad.

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Just over three weeks ago, unheralded by hooplah, the window swung open on Taco Box, a new operation at the southern reaches of B Bar’s blue-and-white ceramic brick facade. Taco Box is what the register guy said it was called when I asked him; for all I know he made the name up on the spot — the window has no advertised name.

The menu is written in chalk next to the window. Click to enlarge.

The menu is refreshingly brief, listing six tacos, one tostada, and a Mexican-inspired salad. The tacos utilize two corn tortillas of the normal size, flopped over a generous amount of filling for $3 to $3.50. This is slightly more than the tacos at taco trucks, but the overage is worth it considering the garnishes, which are cleverly thought out and specific to the main filling.

Thus the skirt steak comes with purple onions, jalapenos, and cactus; the chorizo in a matrix of scrambled egg with slices of avocado and onion. Those were the two I tried, and both were good, though the chorizo taco was so good, I wish I’d had another.

Other taco choices include carnitas, braised pork rib, chicken with red sauce, and vegetarian, each with a different combination of add-ons at no charge. I guess you could ask for substitutions, but you really don’t need to, the combos are so dope.

The roster of sauces is also impressive, including the runny guac one usually puts on Pueblan tacos, a couple of forms of Scotch bonnet sauce, a salsa roja, and a couple of commercial sauces to be shaken from bottles. The available beverages include many forms of Jarritos, and homemade lemonade.

Really, this is a fine culinary addition to the neighborhood, whether you’re a devotee of B Bar or not.

B Bar & Grill
40 East 4th Street

Chorizo and egg taco

Skirt steak taco