Tanqueray Dry Martini Recipe From Angus Winchester


Today we provide for you a cocktail recipe from Angus Winchester, a well-known martini expert who actually has a cocktail, the Winchester, named after him.

“The Winchester is basically a gin zombie,” says Winchester, who is Tanquery Gin’s brand ambassador. “I’m flattered to see myself being named after drinks. When someone names a drink after you, it’s like being granted immortality.”

Winchester has been involved professionally with Tanqueray gin for more than a decade and owns the consulting company Alconomics, where he has worked with accounts including Fontainebleau in Miami, Trailer Happiness in London, and the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong and Bangkok.

“I love gin, and I’m proud to work for it,” he says.

In terms of making martinis, Winchester gave the following advice: “You can use either the Tanqueray London or the Tanqueray Rangpur. There are numerous things that go into a good martini cocktail. There is also the James Bond question–whether it’s shaken or stirred. In the 1860s, it used to be more dry and with less vermouth, but I quite like a wet martini. Then you can put a lemon twist or a grapefruit twist.”

Here’s the recipe:

Tanqueray Dry Martini

1. Splash two to four dashes vermouth on ice and strain
2. Pour 1.25 ounces Tanqueray London Dry Gin onto ice
3. Stir and drain to glass
4. Deck with olive