The Amateur Gourmet Will Soon Become a Real, Live Cookbook


In 2007, the Amateur Gourmet, otherwise known as Adam Roberts, became one of the first food bloggers to parlay Internet success into a book deal: titled simply The Amateur Gourmet, the book was a collection of essays about Roberts’ culinary adventures. Now comes the news that Roberts just got another publishing deal, for a real, live cookbook.

Roberts made the announcement on his website yesterday, writing that the cookbook will be published by Artisan (the house behind such titles as Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home and Eric Ripert’s On the Line). He’s otherwise mum on the details, except to say that “the book will take me all over the country, it’ll involve various characters and personalities — some known, others unknown — and it’ll reflect the spirit, the humor and the passion that drives this blog.”

Roberts will be writing the book for the next year; if his implied cross-country itinerary is any indication, maybe the Amateur Gourmet will become the Galloping Gourmet.