The Best Tallulah Bankhead Stories Ever!


In honor of Valerie Harper‘s Tony nomination for Looped, in which she played the tanked diva of stage and life named Tallulah Bankhead, let’s unearth as many outrageous stories as we can think of about the constantly ringing Southern belle’s wildly riveting behavior.

I’ll start:

*Tallulah was doing her business in a rest room when she noticed that the toilet paper had run out. She cleverly slipped a $10 bill under the next stall and bellowed, “Do you have change, darling?”

*Tallulah was on the set of The Loretta Young Show, where prudish Young always decreed that you had to pay a quarter every time you cursed. Tallulah boldly slipped a 20 into the money jar and said, “Fuck you, Loretta, you big cunt!”

Any more?

Bear in mind, they don’t have to be true. Every apocryphal story ever cooked up about anyone has been attributed to the old broad at some point.