The CitiBike Program to Arrive Sometime in May


Now that we have a map of stations and a confirmation from the Department of Transportation that absolute tourist mayhem won’t break out, it looks like we finally are seeing this CitiBike program come into fruition with a definite arrival date.

Janette Sadik-Khan, DOT commissioner, told reporters at a press conference in DUMBO yesterday that the initiative would begin “in May,” just in time for summer. She was unable to give an exact date, emphasizing that the fact that this project was developed in less than three years is more than enough reason for everyone to calm down.

“We’re looking at two and a half years to put down a brand new transportation system in the streets of New York. You couldn’t get a subway system put in in two and a half years–you couldn’t even get a brand-new bus program put in in two and a half years, so this is incredible.”

Gothamist reports that a membership system has been announced. A flat rate of $95 will get you an unlimited amount of rides for the entire year, which can only last less than 45 minutes. So wherever you decide to go with your new shiny wheels, make it fast.

And there are now 330 stations, as opposed to the 293 on the last map. With 6,600 bikes to go around. In less than a month.

Get ready, New York City.

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