The Derby Dolls are Leading a Roller Revival in L.A.

Looking at the history — and the here and now — of roller derby.


The nightlife in the city of Vernon is all but non-existent, so you’d never simply stumble upon it unless you got lost on your way to downtown L.A., but the Derby Dolls have given Angelenos a reason to descend on the uneven Vernon streets and run-down railroad crossings regularly. One Saturday a month, hundreds gather in an unassuming sports complex, aptly nicknamed “Dollhalla,” to watch 30 athletes whip around and jam each other on one of the few remaining banked-track roller derby leagues in the U.S.

Born from punk rock feminist origins and an early culture of fishnet stockings and rebellious pseudonyms, the Derby Dolls have a 20-year history of not just national championships and raucous home crowds, but creating a unique competitive outlet for women of all ages and backgrounds. As the pastime of roller skating enjoys a renewed interest in 2023, roller derby offers an exciting spectator experience….


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