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The Elite Closer Gentry Chidester Shares His Expert Knowledge


The high-ticket sales sector is arguably one of the most lucrative but still less explored industries. There is so much potential for growth and financial breakthrough as the returns are relatively high. It’s also a highly dynamic industry with various items and services that you can trade. This implies an increased probability of you landing your ideal service or product that works in your favor. This includes the opportunity to land yourself a blue ocean business that can revolutionize the industry and your life. Incredibly, there is also a thriving online high-ticket sales business that you can jump on and start chasing success.

One of the most inviting facts to get you into the industry is the many success stories that dominate the industry. Several successful entrepreneurs are living their dreams of trading in high-ticket sales. Gentry Chidester is one of the top entrepreneurs in the online High ticket business, transforming lives.

Gentry is the founder and CEO of Elite Closers, a transformational company helping entrepreneurs become 6-figure sales professionals. Elite Closers is soon to be a multi million dollar company that has helped companies like Elite Ceos be awarded the 25 million dollar award through click funnel sales. Since its establishment three years ago, Gentry has had over 10K high ticket consultations and over 35 million dollars in sales while still managing and leading multiple 7–8 figures sales teams all under the age of 24.

Gentry shares one of the most inspiring stories of grit. He is a self-made multi-million dollar entrepreneur who chose to transform his life for the better. His journey started at the age of 20 while in university, where he pursued his studies to become a doctor. However, his dream of becoming a doctor was never meant to be, at least not so soon. His girlfriend, Andrea, now wife, became pregnant, and Gentry had to look for a job and ensure a better life for his young family.

Gentry’s hard work and determination saw him successfully undertake two full-time jobs, working as a phone seller and an online health coach. He was later introduced to high-ticket online sales, where he put in all his energy, driving his way through to success. He was quick to master the business’ antics, earning himself much more than he could have ever imagined, more even than being a doctor. He is now contentedly chasing his dream for a better life while still helping impact other people’s lives. He often shares his sales and closing wisdom with others, how he managed to sell over 35 million dollars in 3 years, and how they can learn the skills to do the same.

Gentry wants you to understand there are no limits to what you can achieve, and you can be great if you choose to be. In addition, taking control and taking action in your own life is essential to creating your success. He firmly believes there is a path to get what you want; you need to be willing to look in places that may be uncommon. Gentry’s goal is to help other individuals who feel trapped learn, help them get into the remote closing industry, and get his company, Elite Closers, onto the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

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