If the rotation holds up, it’ll be Óliver Pérez—otherwise known as “The Other Leftie”—for the Mets. He’ll need to return to his 2007 form (15-10) if the Mets are going to win, and there’s no better team for Pérez or any other Mets starter to get on track against. We don’t know who will be starting for the hapless Nationals, but with José Reyes, David Wright, Carlos Beltran, and Carlos Delgado—maybe the most fearsome foursome in team history—in the batting order, it shouldn’t make much of a difference. Our guess is that if there’s one early series for which you might get a relatively cheap ticket, it will be this one, so jump on it if only so you can start telling your friends how much you miss Shea.

Sun., April 26, 1:10 p.m., 2009