The Irony About Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend’s Supposed Indiscretion


When photos leaked of Anderson Cooper‘s boyfriend Ben Maisani kissing another man in public, I thought two things:

(1) Maybe they have an open relationship. In fact, they do, according to the Daily News! It’s just the existence of the photos that apparently irks the twosome, not what they represent.

(2) This whole brouhaha is a little bit ironic because if Anderson hadn’t been out of the closet, a lot of the old-school print media wouldn’t have covered this.

Most of the media, after all, skirted around his love life for years, projecting their own squeamishness about same-sex stuff, though they’ll gladly report on any other types of personal issues involving celebrities.

But once Anderson said “Yep, I’m gay,” the floodgates were open and now even the old-fashioned press could cover his relationship without a second thought.

But I’m still thrilled that Anderson came out, believe me.

And it’s interesting that he’s now on an even playing field with everyone else, including the coverage of every potential blip along the way, along with all the great things that come with a relationship known around the world.