The Looking-For-A-Girlfriend Guy Is Now Looking For Your Business


Dan Perino — the gentleman behind Looking For A Girlfriend, a massive flyer campaign for love that got play on CBS and Gothamist — has decided to take his talents back to the streets, putting up posters for his new, er, poster-putting-up business. He first wants you to know that he doesn’t lack in experience — in a way, the new venture is a return to his roots. “A long time ago I put up flyers,” he tells the Voice. “Like 20 years ago.”

Perino, who identifies as an artist, decided to start marketing his services to others because he wanted the flexibility and the cash: “I’ve spent quite a bit of money on all of these dates,” he says.

But he insists his girlfriend campaign was not just a clever idea to pimp his new business, nor was it a performance art project. “It’s not even a social experiment at this point,” he says. “It’s just, I’m trying to find a girlfriend.”

And how has the hunt for love gone? “I’ve put up 23,000 flyers and I’ve been on 72 dates,” he says. “Promising, but not marriage material.”

Perino started putting up the flyers for his business yesterday and he’s already got two calls from potential clients, as well. “Brought to you by the man behind ‘Looking For a Girlfriend,'” his poster reads. “Check me out on Facebook.”

“The reason why I did it that way is I don’t just want to be a stranger to people,” Perino says. “They’ll know I’ve pushed my own flyers, and a lot of them. It’s more of a trust thing.”

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