The Low Down: Grimness and Misery


SYNOPSIS Dreary dreary indeed is the motto of today’s escapade, in which your Uncle LD plays mixed weirdness from three old favorites and a mostly-a capella men’s choir. How does one say “shiver shiver” in Georgian? Now if only one of our friends would send me an mp3 of “Fred vom Jupiter”—how we have searched for this. And with what a heavy heart we bear in our otherwise empty hands. Sigh!

NEXT WEEK: Mystery Date! (We promise!)

Playlist for Episode 45

Intro: “Absolute Ego Dance” (exerpt) by Yellow Magic Orchestra

The Rustavi Choir
Didou Nana,” “Adila Ali Pasha,” and “Romelni Kerubinta,” from An Oath At Khidistavi: Heroic Songs and Hymns from Georgia (Shanachie, 1998)

Orly Flight ,” “Henry Hudson,” and “Sixty Forty,” from Drama of Exile (Cleopatra, 1993)

Cabaret Voltaire
This Is Entertainment,” from The Original Sound of Sheffield, ’78/’82 (Mute, 2002)

Sensoria,” from Micro-Phonies (EMI, 1984)

The View from the People Wall” and “Neo-Plastic Boogie-Woogie,” from Connectivity! (Darla, 2006)