The Million(s)-Dollar Deadline For Teacher Evaluations Is Here, And There’s No Deal


January 17th is the last day New York City education officials have to solve this teacher evaluations dilemma that’s blocking millions of dollars in grants. And that day is upon us.


Yesterday, the Mayor’s Department of Education met with the United Federation of Teachers to create a last-minute solution to this boiling problem. Respectively led by Chancellor Dennis Walcott and President Michael Mulgrew, the hasty two parties sat down at the bargaining table early in the afternoon. Mr. Bloomberg told reporters that he was “always hopeful” about a deal being reached, even with the city-wide bus strike exploding in the background.

The UFT has announced that, if there is one, it will be voted on in a General Assembly meeting today. And guess what: as of last night’s meditations, there is still no deal. It remains to be seen what will happen in the coming hours but, from what it seems, things are not looking good for this more-than-million-dollar jackpot for New York City.

Cross your fingers. The Voice will keep you updated.