The Red Cross’s Accidental Drunk Tweet Is Adorable


The Red Cross has won us over, not just because they’re a nonprofit that does good things for people, but because they actually have a sense of humor, and they might, every so often, like to booze — responsibly! On Tuesday night, a Red Cross social media specialist accidentally tweeted this from the Red Cross account via Hootsuite, meaning to send it from a personal account but instead sending it out to the organization’s 268,000 followers:

It stayed up for about an hour. The tweet has since been deleted, but Red Cross savvily acknowledged that that doesn’t always mean anything. (They also promise the tweeter was not drunk!) They then tweeted this:

No harm, no foul. In fact, this “rogue tweet” may be making for their best donor campaign yet, as folks are coming forward to pledge using the hashtag #gettngslizzerd, and Dogfish is encouraging their fans to donate as well.

Hm, if the Red Cross wasn’t so good and humanitarian we might even be suspicious this was some really fantastic viral marketing campaign. Hm. But anyway, go, beer: Bringing us together.

Twitter Faux Pas [Red Cross Chat, h/t to @kashhill]