The Slam Awards Were Drag Heaven!


The annual Glam awards for the best in gay nightlife have gotten so big that they’ve spawned an offshoot/homage/satire/counter-argument.

The second Slam awards for the worst in nightlife took place at XES last night, and they were a star-spangled riot.

Kittin Withawhip was a funny host, bringing out a slew of fab but underappreciated drag queens to rag on each other while keeping the quips and outfits coming.

Categories included Most Watered Down Drinks (xl won over stiff competition like Industry and Posh), Maybe You Should Lipsynch (a slide of Russell Crowe was trenchantly shown as drag star LeeLee Heavenly won), Biggest Meltdown (Kittin nabbed the prize for some bar brawl or other; who can remember?), and Worst Hole (a sloppy drag queen named Ari Kiki amazingly beat dives like Ninth Street Saloon and the Cock).

The new Lucky Cheng’s was nominated for the thing most worth sleeping through (a foreclosure sign was shown when the not exactly raging club’s name was announced)–but they lost to “anything starring Yuhua Hamasaki.”

Traditionally–all two years now–some drag queen comes dressed like another one, so Kizha A. Carr came as Maddelynn Hatter.

Are you following me?

It was nice to also hear nominees’ names like Lady Havokk, Amanda Poupon, and Frostie Flakes, even if they were being ragged on. (This is the show, after all, where “all the winners are losers”).

It’s all welcome, but if you didn’t get a Glam and then were shut out of a Slam too, I’d say: Shoot yourself! You’re mediocre!