The Three Worst Facebook Spams!


Why do these same old annoying, fake, potentially viral messages keep popping up on my page?

3) “Hey Michael, I can’t believe it, I actually got a free ipad to test out and keep. They are only giving away a limited supply, so I’m showing you this. I absolutely LOVE the iPad :)” blah blah..  

Sorry, I’m busy buying the Brooklyn Bridge.

2) “Check out this video of a baby. It’s so cute!”  Hey, everyone loves a cute baby. But this ain’t it!

And the most irritating of all…

1) “Look at you in this video. What are you doing? LOL”.

This is the kind of link all narcissists want to open, even after it turns out to be bogus the first time. And the second time. But by now, it’s become the devil — a hideous nuisance that still makes absolutely no sense to me.

And I always blame the person who “sent” it even though they had nothing to do with it!

Death to Facebook spams!