The Top 15 Hostels NYC Has to Offer


Are you planning a trip to New York City anytime soon? Everyone has to see the Big Apple at least once, right? In fact, there’s a reason why thousands of people visit the city every year. From fun activities to breathtaking attractions and good food, it’s no surprise.

Before getting caught up in what you’re going to see and do when you’re there, it’s important to consider where you’re going to stay. Fortunately for you, New York has an abundance of accommodations to choose from. One of the best and most popular options is hostels.

Hostels are a fantastic option because they help you save money so you can spend it on experiences, memories, exploring, and more. NYC has plenty of hostels to choose from. Therefore, finding the ideal one can be overwhelming. However, there’s no need to panic. The travel experts at have identified the top 15 options so that you can have a comfortable stay, not break the bank, and enjoy your trip!

The Best New York City Hostels

Our top 15 cheap hostels in NYC are:

  1. NY Moore Hostel
  2. HI NYC Hostel
  3. The Local NYC
  4. Chelsea International Hostel
  5. International Student Center
  6. Giorgio Hotel
  7. Blue Moon Hotel NYC
  8. Canal Loft Hotel
  9. Q4 Hotel
  10. Broadway Hotel and Hostel
  11. Jazz on Columbus Circle
  12. West Side YMCA
  13. Central Park West Hostel
  14. International Student Residences
  15. Jazz on the Park Youth Hotel

Let’s look at what each of these hostels in New York has to offer:

1. NY Moore Hostel

If you’re looking for a cozy and cheap hostel in NYC, the NY Moore Hostel is certainly one of the best options. Its colorful and vibrant atmosphere will draw you in right away! We’re positive you’ll feel at home right away!

It has a stunning common room and outdoor space that you’ll enjoy lounging in when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, if you’re up to meet some new people and socialize, you’re bound to find wonderful travelers that make your time here even better! Apart from being one of the cheap hostels New York City is home to, it’s also one of the most accommodating, inviting, and exciting ones.

Why We Recommend NY Moore:

  • It has excellent customer service, and someone is always willing to assist you.
  • It’s located in Brooklyn, making it easy to get to Manhattan.
  • It has a full-size kitchen with all the appliances and items you would need.

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2. HI NYC Hostel

Are you looking for an interactive atmosphere that will make your stay in the “city that never sleeps” fun? Look no further than HI NYC Hostel. If you’re looking to make new friends on your trip and have someone to share your stories with from the day, this is one of the finest hostels in Manhattan.

This New York hostel makes sure you have a good time when you’re not roaming the streets of Manhattan, as it offers free activities and has a game room. Plus, if you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the busyness of NYC and don’t know where to start exploring, HI NYC Hostel also offers daily guided tours.

If there’s one thing this New York City hostel prioritizes, it’s comfort. That’s why all the staff members are available 24/7 and are willing to help you with whatever you need.

Why We Recommend HI NYC Hostel:

  • It’s located close to Times Square and Central Park.
  • It has Manhattan’s largest private outdoor patio.
  • There is a spacious and convenient kitchen.

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3. The Local NYC

Everyone deserves to travel in style! This is exactly what The Local NYC aims to offer its guests. All the private rooms have an edgy and modern feel to it. The Local NYC takes hostels to a whole new level. You can expect your own bathroom, free towels, locked storage, and a reading light when you choose to stay at The Local NYC.

It also offers its own beautiful sights and atmosphere. You definitely won’t regret spending an evening on the roof terrace while staring at the skyline. Trust us, New York is beautiful, especially from a rooftop.

This hostel also has a bar with a vibrant atmosphere, so it’s perfect if you’re looking to meet new people on your trip. We can’t deny that The Local NYC is one of the best hostels New York City has to offer.

Why We Recommend The Local NYC:

  • Helpful and friendly staff that will make you feel at home.
  • It offers free WiFi and has a computer lounge.
  • The hostel schedules its own social events.

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4. Chelsea International Hostel

You definitely get value for money when staying at the Chelsea International Hostel. Located in the heart of the city, you’ll never run out of things to do.

However, sometimes it might be difficult to leave because of how inviting the hostel is. You can expect a free continental breakfast every morning, two kitchens, an open courtyard, simple rooms, and single or double beds. It’s no surprise this is one of the best Manhattan hostels around.

Why We Recommend Chelsea International Hostel:

  • Every Wednesday night is free pizza night.
  • Many popular NYC attractions are within walking distance.
  • It’s located in the Chelsea district in Manhattan.

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5. International Student Center

This is one of the best NYC hostels for young people. It’s also ideal for anyone on a backpacking trip because it’s within walking distance of many popular attractions.

As an added bonus, you’ll feel safe and calm in this hostel. It’s located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan in a residential neighborhood, so you’ll feel right at home. In fact, you’ll feel like a true New Yorker.

Why We Recommend International Student Center:

  • It’s close to many of New York’s most popular museums.
  • It’s only half a block away from Central Park.
  • It offers a self-catering kitchen, and there’s a large common room.

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6. Giorgio Hotel

Anyone interested in a laid-back and trendy atmosphere knows that Queens is the place to be! Staying at the Giorgio Hotel is only going to elevate this. You get access to fast and free WiFi, among many other things.

This is the perfect place for anyone who wants a quiet, simple, and clean place to wind down at the end of the day. It’s exactly the environment you want to come home to after spending the day out and about in the busy streets of New York.

Why We Recommend Giorgio Hotel:

  • The rooms are always kept clean.
  • There are many fun things surrounding the hostel.
  • Times Square is only a 10-minute train ride away.

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7. Blue Moon Hotel NYC

If you’re more of a creative and artsy person, you’re probably looking for a place with a little personality. Well, Blue Moon Hotel NYC is that place. Apart from the fun jazz theme in the hostel, there are plenty of fun bars, restaurants, and cafes nearby.

However, if you want to explore outside Queens, the metro station is right around the corner. If you’d prefer to stretch your legs, SoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown, and Greenwich Village are all within walking distance.

Why We Recommend Blue Moon Hotel NYC:

  • It’s in a great location – the most fashionable neighborhood in Manhattan.
  • There is a common area and restaurant in the hostel’s lobby.
  • There are multilingual staff ready to assist with your needs.

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8. Canal Loft Hotel

Some people prefer shared rooms, while others prefer private rooms. Whatever option you prefer, you can find it at Canal Loft Hotel. This hostel is right next to Chinatown; therefore, you can expect to get the full New York experience. Because of its location, you can expect to find all the popular tourist destinations close by.

The accommodation itself also has everything you could need, from no curfew to a 24-hour reception, modern amenities, and regular cleaning and maintenance.

Why We Recommend Canal Loft Hotel:

  • It offers mixed and female-only dorms.
  • It’s located next to public transportation and Chinatown.
  • All staff members are professional and friendly and committed to ensuring you feel welcome.

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9. Q4 Hotel

If you’re adamant about having a private room, you have nothing to worry about Q4 Hotel. Plus, the modern design is also a strong selling point.

The Q4 Hotel will cater to all your needs and make sure you’re taken care of. From a communal dining area to a kitchen and lounge with TV, it offers a homey atmosphere.

You’re also taken care of when it comes to fast internet, available staff members, and 24-hour access to the building.

Why We Recommend Q4 Hotel:

  • Every room comes equipped with a private bathroom.
  • The hostel was recently renovated and has shared and private rooms for you to choose from.
  • Mixed and single-sexed dorms are available.

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10. Broadway Hotel and Hostel

This hostel has an intriguing vintage and contemporary flair to it. We’re not sure how, but they managed to blend the two perfectly. You’ll know you’re in New York once you step foot inside this hostel.

However, don’t be fooled by its charm. You’ll still have access to a large lounge with a flat-screen TV. If you’re not one for TV, you might enjoy cozying up by the fireplace in the library with a good book. There’s also a gourmet kitchen, so you don’t have to worry about not getting a delicious home-cooked meal while on your trip.

You can also expect fresh linen, pillow changes, towels, and daily housekeeping.

Why We Recommend Broadway Hotel and Hostel:

  • The hostel has a luxurious, classic, and elegant feel to it.
  • Private ensuite and two-bed rooms are available.
  • It has a trendy and unique style and design.

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11. Jazz on Columbus Circle

If you’re a solo traveler looking for a simple and accommodating place to stay, Jazz on Columbus Circle might be the best hostel for you. When traveling alone, it’s normal to be conscious of security. That’s why this New York hostel has a 24-hour reception, free in-room lockers, and key-card room access. You’ll feel very at ease staying here.

Plus, when you’re not in your room, you’ll enjoy the many eateries, shops, and city attractions.

Why We Recommend Jazz on Columbus Circle:

  • There are free towels and bedding and daily housekeeping.
  • Every floor has a common area with a TV.
  • It’s situated close to Central Park and the Columbus Circle traffic circle.

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12. West Side YMCA

Who said hostels can’t be luxurious? West Side YMCA has it all! On top of that, it’s located in one of the best spots. If one of the reasons you’re hesitant to go on trips is because you can’t go to the gym, there’s no need to worry. West Side YMCA has a fitness center that will certainly get you by for the duration of your trip.

If you’re someone who wants to get into exercise but doesn’t feel comfortable with the weights and equipment, there’s no need to panic. This New York City hostel also offers group classes to its guests on a weekly basis. Plus, they’re free!

Why We Recommend West Side YMCA:

  • Every guest room comes equipped with an air conditioner and TV.
  • It’s right across the street from Central Park.
  • It has a fitness center with two indoor swimming pools as well as plenty of weights and fitness equipment.

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13. Central Park West Hostel

If you’re planning on getting a lot of exploring out of your trip, this is a great spot for you. This New York hostel ticks all the boxes. It’s convenient, close to many fun places, has constant reception, and there’s no curfew! That means you’re free to party till the early hours of the morning and come back to your bed if you like.

However, if that’s not your scene, there’s no need to worry. You’ll find many trendy and cute restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops close by. If you’d prefer to spend some time recharging in the hostel, you’ll love the lobby, cafe, and private lounge.

Why We Recommend Central Park West Hostel:

  • It is roomy and has modern rooms.
  • Many popular New York attractions are within walking distance.
  • It’s located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

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14. International Student Residences

If you’re looking for cheap accommodation, this is one of the best New York hostels to consider. However, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you must expect anything less than the best!

International Student Residences has everything you need, from a fully-operational kitchen to a spacious common room. In fact, they really did think of everything. They also have multilingual staff members! Therefore, no matter what part of the work you’re from, you’ll be able to get good customer service.

You also shouldn’t have any issues traveling where you want because the closest substation is one block away. Thus, you’re free to go exploring whenever you like.

Why We Recommend International Student Residences:

  • The heart of Manhattan is only a 20-minute walk away.
  • It’s located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which is a trendy and popular neighborhood.
  • It’s great for students, young travelers, and backpackers.

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15. Jazz on the Park Youth Hotel

If you’re looking for a simple place to relax and unwind at the end of each day, Jazz on the Park Youth Hotel is the place for you. This New York hostel has a very laid-back atmosphere, so you don’t have to be nervous about meeting new people.

Furthermore, if you’re planning on using the subway a lot, this hostel is situated in the perfect spot. However, if you don’t feel like traveling every day, there are also plenty of famous attractions close by the hostel.

You are also free to choose between mixed and female-only dorms. It’s also an ideal option if you’re traveling in a group as it offers different-sized dorms that come with 2, 4, 6, or 8 beds. Let the party begin!

Why We Recommend Jazz on the Park Youth Hotel:

  • It is located perfectly in NYC.
  • There’s plenty of room for socializing.
  • The hostel offers 24-hour security and reception.

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The Bottom Line

There’s a reason why countless people are in love with New York City. When you go to the Big Apple, you can expect constant fun, excitement, and good energy. While you’re probably going to spend most of your days out and about, it’s important to find a decent and comfortable place to stay. These top 15 cheap hostels NYC has to offer are everything you could possibly want in an accommodation.

Each one has something unique and special to offer. If you’ve never stayed in a hostel before, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised. Apart from the fact that these places are more affordable, they also have an amazing culture. Staying in one of these hostels in New York is only going to add to your trip. Regardless of the vibe you’re looking for, we’re positive you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

In fact, we have no doubt you’ll have just as much fun in your hostel as you do while roaming the busy streets of NYC. Even though it’s called the “city that never sleeps,” we’re sure you’re going to want a comfortable spot to lay your head down on the nights you do sleep. These options will do that for you!

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