There Is Now Breast Milk Ice Cream


If you thought that breast-milk cheese had been played out to the very last drop, think again. The Brits, those crafty Brits, have picked up where Daniel Angerer left off.

According to The Daily Mail, a London restaurant called Icecreamists is now selling breast-milk ice cream, served in a martini glass. The dessert, called the Baby Gaga, takes mammary fluid, infuses it with Madagascan vanilla and lemon zest, and freezes it tableside with liquid nitrogen. So far, the milk has been sourced from a 35-year-old Leeds woman, though the company that owns the restaurant is now seeking more like-minded, lactating donors.

The company’s founder is quite proud of his innovation, telling the paper that “[n]o-one’s done anything interesting with ice cream in the last hundred years … by using breast milk we’ve definitely given it a one hundred percent makeover. It’s just one of a dozen radical new flavours we’ve invented.” The article doesn’t elaborate on what those other 11 flavors might be, and somehow, we’re just as happy not to know.

[Via Slashfood]