Tonight! Ava Luna, Holly Miranda, Class Actress, And Deluxx Fluxx


Ava Luna, the band that Christopher R. Weingarten boldly praised as post-every-band-you-like (“post-TVOTR, Dirty Projectors-inflected bedroom soul,” to be exact) is headlining Silent Barn, bracketed by a similar goulash of sounds — rapper Mic Blaque, rap group Nine 11 Thesaurus, and jazz multi-instrumentalist Sam Kulik. Also (technically) post-TVOTR is the Dave Sitek-produced Holly Miranda, a sultry, Kanye-approved, feather-voiced songstress performing tonight at Bowery Ballroom alongside the “synth-pop mini-symphonies” of Class Actress. Earlier in the day, however, we recommend checking out “killer neon art explosion” Deluxx Fluxx arcade in Chinatown before it closes this week. The art installation has fully functional arcade games, psychedelic foosball, and an original soundtrack by Les Savy Fav guitarist Seth Jabour.